Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Home

I really need to go jump in the shower
so I can scamper down to that fabulous breakfast buffet,
(thousand year old eggs await me)
but I had to tell you that my kids
at home are missing me so terribly!
This was the email I got from Brenden when I
woke up this morning:
Can i get a german shepherd and train it to be a guard dog?
and i am dead serious!
You can see how devastated he is that we aren't home
and how he is yearning for our return.
We have a free day today so I'll try to post pics later!!
Which will likely be Friday morning for you.


Janet and Kevin said...

Enjoy your breakfast buffet - one of the perks of the trip! :)

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Nancy said...

And did you say yes? Glad you told us pix would be posted Fri. a.m, so I don't have to keep checking every hour.

Tiffany said...

Love it! Only a teenage male would come up with a question like that while his parents are overseas adopting a younger sister. What a joyful bunch your Ms. Teen (love that nickname, BTW) is going to get mixed into! Can't wait to see more pics!

Leah said...

I am afraid that may be one of those questions that is asked after the fact. You may already own a dog! lol!! Enjoy your breakfast. Are you at the White Swan? If so, order one of their vanilla lattes with breakfast. So yummy!

Anonymous said...

I got bitten by a German Shepherd once. The thoughts of them still make me shudder.

(I know, I know - I shouldn't hold that one dogs actions against them all but I literally start to sweat & shake if I see one.)

Cari Bacon said...

LOL! Your kids are hilarious! Wonder where they get that from?

Looking forward to more pics!!!

Sharla said...

So glad things to continue to go so well... Your kids are so funny!! Have fun shopping! I LOVED Guangzhou!!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

hahaha...oh brenden. wow. What's the answer, Lori? ;)
And yeah, I was like, wait, it's night! I forgot the time difference. haha, blond moment!

Mandi said...

HE simply cracks me up. I am assuming her gets his sense of humor from you????

So glad to hear things are going well for you and Shu Li.


Jean said...

Where are you at? The white swan?

Are you going to let Brenden get a german shepherd?
I vote yes! If it were me I would have gotten it when my parents were gone- once the puppy was home my mom never could have said no to it! ;-)

I suppose I'm not helping...


Karin said...

Oh my funny is that?! When my brother was a teen, my mom came down to breakfast and there was a note on the basement door. It said, 'Don't open. Dog in basement.' My brother had brought home a stray and it stayed for life. You have to know how bad my mom did NOT want a dog to fully appreciate the story. :)

By the way...we were served 1000 yr old eggs once in China. They were black. I'm still not over it.

Enjoy that buffet! And your sweet girl! Oh and K-Man, too. :))))

Chris said...

Didn't you ask him WHY he needs a guard dog? Not to worry you or anything.
You know don't you that the dog will be yours, don't you?
Do they have thousand year eggs at the White Swan? missed them

Martha said...

Oh Lori,

I so look forward to your posts and pixs. Hmmmm, wonder what Brendon will name his new German Shepard?

Emily and I are so eager to meet your new daughter. She will be a great addition to your wonderful family.

Hope you had fun shopping!


Adeye said...

Soooooo mom--did you make a decision on that dog yet???

trina said...

Lori!! I'm so happy for you all. Katie sounds just precious. Breaks my heart,too that so many are waiting. My heart hurts just reading your posts and feeling Katie's pain when she left them. A child shouldn't have to have so much hurt in their young lives. Hugs!

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