Thursday, September 24, 2009

Checking in...

Hi ya'll!!
I'm having a more and more difficult
time getting onto the computer.
My Ms. Teen is on...
a lot!
She is chatting with her friends from
school, the orphanage
and a couples others who have already
been adopted.
You go, girl!!
So, I just thought I would check in
with you.
We arrived in GZ safe and sound.
The humidity.
You are right in commenting that my hair
looked good in pics up until now...
if I do say so myself.
But here is when it will take a drastic
turn for the frizzy worse.
Get ready.
We had a HORRIBLE experience at our medical
exam today.
Suffice it to say that I came very close
to making international news for
knocking the block off a certain Ch*nese doctor.
(I could have easily taken him too)
You know the one (if you've been here)...
doctor's jacket with shorts underneath
so it appears that he has no pants on.
Anyway, to save my sweet girl's
privacy I will only say that humiliation
was abundant with no compassion
from said pant-less doctor.
I was STEAMING mad.
Then the STUPID TB test and immunization
requirement that our
government has implemented had me fuming some more.
There is a little girl in our group who is set to have
 a blood transfusion tomorrow
and they wanted to give her SIX shots today.
The parents said, no way.
Please pray that they can find a way
out of it...if not, they will have to get them
before they can come home.
No pics today, sorry!!!!
Oh and I need to say...
I forgot that I am using a different web browser
than usual (one that will spell-check as I go),
and I have forgotten to pay more careful
attention to my spelling.
Petty, I know.
But poor spelling really bugs me.
Yes, I'm guilty of poor spelling from time to time.
Just wanted to make sure you know
I'm not quite as ditzy as my writing may appear.
Ok, yes I am.
Oh and we were eating in Lucy's today
and a lady at another table yelled,
"Lori and K-man!!"
She is a fellow-adoptive mom and blogger.
Small world.
I really gotta run...I have a Guangzhou Subway
sandwich waiting for me.
Wish me luck.


Janet and Kevin said...

Hope your day is happy despite the humidity and frizz! LOL!!

Is that little girl needing 6 shots and a blood transfusion named Emily by any chance? She is from Philip Hayden where our Philip lived and I have been following her journey, too!

I will pray for her and you guys as well! Sorry the medical exam was so traumatic. Hopefully the rest of your trip will be sweet.

Hugs from the US
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

allisyn said...

i love reading your's one of my daily routines.....God has truly blessed you and your family :)

connie said...

We will be praying for the little girl! Enjoy GZ, despite Dr. Pant-less ;-) Thanks for the heads up!

Nancy said...

Sounds like Shu Li is going to give the boys (and you) a run for their money when it comes to computer time.

Adeye said...

Oh you are toooooo funny :) The pant-less doctor???? Oh my word. LOL.
I'm sure it must be soooooo hot. We were there at this time last year. I felt like I couldn't breathe.
So glad things are going so well with your sweet girl. She sounds like the such the teenager :)
Have fun shopping.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear all is well despite the docotr's visit.

Sounds like you have a girl who may like the computer just a little. LOL

Newark, Ohio

Karin said...

Ugh - on Dr. Pant-less. I'm glad ShuLi has a Mama Bear to advocate for her now. Too funny about the computer. :) Eat some fries for me at Lucy's and enjoy having them pour your Coke into your glass every five minutes. :) Royalty...yeah, that's what it feels like. :)

I wish I was there--humidity and all. We could have frizzy hair together!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Glad you are in GZ. Will not hold it against you that you did not post pictures or least the dr with no pants!!!

YOu are half way home, hope you are enjoying and soaking in all you can with your adorable teenage websurfing for-sure-your-daughter daughter!!!

Kristina said...

Hi Lori! I got your blogsite from your mom awhile back, and it's so much fun to follow your adventures! Btw- not sure if your mom told you or not, but your cousin Brian and I just started the China adoption process. We are using Holt International, and I have to say I love them so fr! The dossier process isn't nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be, it's just a matter of ensuring you get the correct documents up front. Anyway, congrats and God bless!

Holly said...

Oh dear. That doctor story gives me the willies. I hope it wasn't too bad for poor Shu Li! Other than that it sounds like things are still going well. I am excited for you guys to get home now!

Cari Bacon said...

Sorry to read about the horrible doctor's visit. Some people have no compassion when it comes to things like that. I'm glad you were there for Shu Li.

I've been to Lucy's!! Can't say that very often about distant land locations. So now you're a blogger celeb, huh?! LOL

Joy said...

I've been following along, even though I haven't commented yet. Shu Li looks like such a sweet girl. I'm sorry the exam went bad.

You are making me want to go back for #4. What is is about GZ that makes me want to adopt? :-)

Elissa said...

Who cares about frizzy hair when you get to eat mayonnaise??? I loved the Chinese food we had in Lily's province but I was so excited about the chicken sandwich I had from KFC when we landed in GZ that I almost licked the mayo off the bun :) Could have had something to do with the fact that we hadn't eaten all day, but it just tasted like home- where we were SO ready to be!

So here's to your frizzy hair-- wear it proud! Or if it's that bad, maybe use it to scare the pantless doctor? :)

Karen said...

Oh how I miss GZ! There's something about.... everthing about it that makes me nostalgic:-) Relax and enjoy yourself. You're almost done. Sorry about the doctor. Come on..she's a teen give her a break!

Anonymous said...

Poor Shu Li... Oh yes... I remember that doctor... I hope that family can get out of the 6 shots! you'll have to tell us if they do..... And, who was that fellow adopting family? Are they keeping a blog?

Jean said...

You know you are going to have to get her a computer- because your bloggy friends can't live without you! She is going to want to be on it a lot!!

Sorry about the medical exam- ya, it was pretty yucky and they didn't show any respect for the girls. Sarah was shocked and actually went to me for protection- which I was a little happy about.

Looking forward to seeing your hair!! I'm sorry I just get a kick out of your hair posts!!

Looking forward to tomorrow morning pics! Have a good day!

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