Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guangzhou bound

We are heading to Guangzhou early
this morning...
I probably won't be able to blog until
later tonight.
Ahhhh...the great shopping will soon
And I will get our laundry done!
I will leave you with a few more pics
from Luoyang.
Their smiles are heart-melting, aren't they?!!!
They need a home to call their own.


ronvic7 said...

Lori, before you do your final paperwork I wanted you to know that Chloe loves her name, but she is NOT happy when she hears someone else has the same name.

Thus, you might want to tell Shu Li that there are already 2 Katies in your family and you picked Macy for her American name because it means "Enduring" and that is what she has done and you are so proud of her.

This may make a difference, name meaning is very important to Chinese:)

Lisa said...

Great to see your post. It looks like you have been a happy family for a long time. She is beautiful and so blessed to have you guys has parents.

Your last post touched my heart. I have such a desire to adopt a girl from china. I have felt it for a long time. Please pray that my husbands heart will be softened and God will lay it upon his heart also.

Continuing to pray for your journey in china and your kiddos back home.

Newark, Ohio

Rachel said...

Faithfully praying friend. I can only imagine what your heart has experienced the last couple of days. Hope you're getting your rest!
Love to all three of you.

Karin said...

What precious kids!! I can't wait to hear more about them. :) Woohoo for the shopping extravaganza in GZ! :) Don't forget to get a massage across the street from the WS. If you don't know where it is, let me know. It's awesome!

Jean said...

Wow- what precious children!! I'd like to bring them all home!

I love your posts!! I'm looking forward to hearing more!!

Yeah!! Starbucks is near!!

Holly said...

Last leg of the journey! Yea! Guess what...we are booking our flights! We are right behind you! You can't do laundry in Henan? That means I need to pack enough to last til Guanzhou.. (sorry, thinking out loud.)
Can't wait til your next post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
OH wow how wonderful. I know we haven't talked in a while but I follow along often. She is beautiful!

Jan in Alaska

Cari Bacon said...

Great pics of beautiful children! You can bring them all to my house, if you can fit them in your suitcases! LOL

YAY for Starbucks and GZ fun!

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