Thursday, September 3, 2009

meatballs and facial waxing

Before getting to the nitty-gritty,
I gotta tell you that I decided to just wait on touching
up my roots until next week...or even the first of the
following week.
So, if you know me and will be seeing me soon,
I'll appreciate your eyes not glaring
at my situation on top of my head.


Oh and I simply must tell you a Lucy-funny.

Our bathroom light fixture has 6 light bulbs,
just above our mirror.
Well, 3 (or maybe even 4) of the 6 were burnt out.
And had been for quite some time.
I didn't complain because, quite frankly,
the dimmer the lights got,
the younger I looked.

But K-man decided to put new bulbs in
cleaned the fixture spotless.
You can only guess what that did to my
Anyway, Lucy told me yesterday,

"Daddy put new meatballs in the lights!"



Ok, we've put this off long enough.

Unwanted hair.
God's sense of humor, I reckon.
Thank ya.

So as a professional, in my opinion,
the best method of removal is waxing.
It's super fast, cheap (well, cheap for me!), and
lasts....kinda long (not so much for me).

Much like my hair coloring (that I normally keep up on),
I also keep up on my waxing.
Yes, I wax myself.

One of my darling sisters is a regular
of mine in my waxing "chair"....I can't tell
you which one because she, of all of them,
is most private.
One of my other sisters, who isn't so private...
got her NOSTRILS waxed (not by me),
among other painful areas.
Can you even??

my sweet sister whom I've waxed many areas
on...thought it was the most painful
thing she had ever experienced,
until she gave birth...
now she takes it in stride.
We laugh hysterically each and every time.
That's as far as I can go with that.
But believe me, there's a great story there.

So....I just waxed yesterday.
nicely arched brows is the perfect face lift
(Unfortunately, I've "lifted" as far as I can).
Oh come on, let's call it what it is:
Mustache. You just gotta get rid of that thing.
Painful or not (it's not, really), its gotta go.
Yeah, whatever. You know you're really
getting old when you find gray there.
Not that I have!
Ok, I have.

So there you go.
If you've never waxed before,
go to a mid-priced salon that you trust,
and get yourself waxed.

Slick as a whistle.

You'll enjoy it for weeks.
Or a week.

Then, repeat.


Nancy said...

I'm a big waxing fan. Can't remember the last time I plucked my eyebrows.

Cari Bacon said...

Lori, you are the most honest and hilarious person I've ever met...LOL!!

Guys just don't even know what girls have to go through to achieve their "look", do they?

I'm right with you on the whole waxing thing. It's a must...just wish it would last more than a week!

Janet and Kevin said...

Funny post!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Hezra said...

ha ha ha, yes the waxing. very very important part of life. I will never forget being about 13 and watching and hearing my girlfriends mom tweezing her whole face. I was enthralled and horrified all at the same time. While ither girls went off to eat popcorn and watch TV, I was holding the baby sister and mesmerized by the mom and her amazing abilities. ANd when she finished and said, with complete satisfaction, "there. Now that is much more pretty less hairy version of Amy". lol I wondered then why it absorbed my attention, (yes I was a weird kid) now I see why. the weird hairs and every time I giggle and say, now, there is a much prettier and less hairy version of Hezra.

Holly said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! : )

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

I love waxing! Ok, I really don't love the process. It's rather uncomfortable. But the end result is the best! I love it.

Shonni said...

I was doing some cringing as I read this - LOL.
I wish I were near you...I'm afraid to wax...I could use you emotional support!

Sherrie said...

Oh, Lori, I am SO SORRY that I am going to miss seing you in China by just HOURS!!!! I would so much like to sit and laugh and laugh with you........Although, maybe this is good, I really don't want them taking our kids away because they thing we're a couple of loons!
I wish I lived close enough to sit in your wax chair and have that face lift :-).

Karin said...

You crack me up! :) I had no idea that waxing my eyebrows in an arch would make me look younger. For real??? I don't touch my eyebrows because I'm quite sure I would do it badly and end up looking like an idiot.

Waxing nose hairs?? ARGH!! That gives me the shivers. :)

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