Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another important travel post

Before we get started here with this
heart-touching and life-changing post,
that just might bring
long-awaited world peace,
I need to tell you a little something.

Ok, call it a complaint, if you insist.
I'm choosing to not call it that because I'm
trying to stop complaining.

So let's just call it...

simply reporting the facts through
gritted teeth and a fake cheesy grin....

Lucy has been up (and ready to take on her world)
since 4 AM.

That's all I'm going to say about that.


About a month ago,
my friend Donna sent me an email, which
contained a great idea to count-down my wait
for the big travel-day.

She suggested that I not count days,
but count "hair color" appointments.

I quickly got over the fact that she daringly
assumed that I alter the shade of my follicles,
and embraced her idea.
I told her at that time that I had just
colored my hair and with great confidence reported that I was
certain that I only had one more color job
to do before Shu Li Day!

So, that brings me to today.
As I sit here, I have a good 3/4...possibly 5/8 inches
of roots screaming at me.
We leave in just over two weeks.
My color needs to be done NOW.
But if I do it now,
that leaves me vulnerable for needing to
do it right after we get home from
Ch*na and the thought of jet-lag AND
roots is simply more than I can bear.

I may just break out the dark brown
eye shadow and brush on a little
bit each day (I give you that tip for free
because I like you so much), where my kids
will see my gray and make fun of me
I need
it most.

So that's my dilemma.
It's easy to feel sorry for me, isn't it?

Ok, I must go for now.

If this post contains grammatical errors
and seems a bit shallow,
I'll remind you that I've been
up since 4 AM.

But golly, am I ever happy.

Tomorrow's post:
Unwanted facial hair...perfectly timing its removal


Janet and Kevin said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's post! LOL!

Janet, Kevin, Ted,Philip, and waiting for Eli

Susan said...

So glad you are getting all these important matters taken care of before you head out!

Tony and Rett said...

You, my friend, are hysterical!

Tesseraemum said...

They have stuff at wm that is just for roots! It might get you through the rough patch;)

Shonni said...

LOL, may be you function better least your pretty funny!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh almost every morning when I get to my office!! :) LOL. Hope you can make a fix to your hair dilemma.

Jean said...

You are so funny-you always bring a smile to my face! I had no idea you colored your hair ;-)

Mine on the other hand is normally striped brown and blonde! Sarah is having the hardest time trying to figure out what color Mom's hair is?

4am- ouch!

Shelley said...


Tooooo funny.

I was just counting out... hmmm... esthetician appointments until we may leave. Gotta get that timing right. ;)

Lisa said...

You are hysterical. I can not wait for tomorrow's post.

Michele said...

You seriously CRACK me up!

Paula said...

Hi Lori!
Thanks so much for giving me moments of giggles this morning! I will DEFINITELY check in tomorrow for your solutions!!!!!! But most importantly---congratulations on your TA and your quickly arriving departure date to go welcome your daughter into your arms--so very happy for you!

Leah said...

You are a mess! LOL!

Elissa said...

loving the giddy posts brought on by imminent travel and lack of sleep!

I do have to say that I had no idea you were so high maintenance! How do you do it?? :) I could never do my hair and homeschool on the same day, let alone make travel arrangements and think about my eyebrows in the same week! :)

Holly said...

Wow, keepin' it real! Awesome. :) Thanks for the eye shadow tip. I don't color my hair yet, but when I do, I will definitely remember that!

Getting Esther Rose Home said...

How funny!!!! Roots showing is not fun. You are so great! I need to get mine highlighted too but I do it myself to save a few bucks. Doesn't turn out too good sometimes but I try. So excited for you trip to CHina to get your beautiful daughter home!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you all together!

God bLess, Heidi

Kim said...

You crack me up Girl! Leave it to you to have a whitty little way to count down to Shu Li. By the way are you trying to kill your Hair???? It's Bad enough that you will be 2 weeks with out your BlowDryer, But having Roots showing too..... I love your humor in your Life. and the fact that you share it with others shows just how much of a giver you are! Thanks agin for the laugh this morning..... And I will be back for the facial hair update tommorow
Kim from KC

Debby said...

Oh....can't read tomorrows column. You are so funny.....
Hopefully, Lucy will take a nice afternoon nap for you.

Chris said...

Lucy should be napping by now and you can be up for a cup of tea...I'll be holding my breath for tomorrows post. My hair will just have to stay black and white (my girls tell me) but the facial hair must be taken care of.

Janet said...

Such trauma we face to adopt our kids! My box of color is sitting on the bathroom counter, just waiting for tonite.
FYI you can maybe use for tomorrow's post--T*rget has a battery operated lite-up mirror for about $20, it is on a stand though, so a little difficult to pack.
Gramatical errors and spelling?! HA--I hope you don't judge me on that!

Karin said...

Baahahahahahahahahaha I heard Chondra Pierce say one time, "I'm not bitter, I'm just sharin' my testimony." I love that line and I WILL find a way to use it in a post someday. :)))

Complaining...NOoooooo....I time my haircuts when going to China also. It's scary what they do to my hair over there. :)

Good luck with the root job. Don't you stylists have some kind of 1 week temporary wash-out stuff??

If my kids got up at 4AM, I would be beside myself. Kudos to you for blogging instead!! :))

Susan said...

ahhh so!

McNew Family said...

hee hee, Lori! Seriously - waxing is fun?????? I've never tried - heck, I've never even plucked an eyebrow hair let along wax! There is a reason that I collect chickens - I think I relate to them! My hairdresser just called yesterday to schedule my #3 color. We are a few days short of 2 months since LID - I put her off till next week, just in case! Changing the meatballs? Too funny!

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