Tuesday, September 1, 2009

leaving behind precious treasures

When we went to Ch*na just last year, everyone
stressed how important it was to pack LIGHT.
And so, I did....
well, Lori-style anyway.

But this time I'm determined to pack light,
in the true meaning of the word (I had to look it up).

We are limited to how many suitcases we can
take, and how much they weigh. And believe me,
they will weigh them.
And since I'm dedicating one entire suitcase for
supplies for the babies at the Morning Star Project,
I must, absolutely must, put my self aside and make some
sacrifices in my own packing.

But there are three precious treasures that I will
leave behind that I wish with
all my heart that I could include.

Three loyal things that I know would love
to come along...if only I could squeeze them in somewhere.


Oh...wait. You think I'm talking about my children??
Well....sure, yes...I'd like them to go along.
Yes, definitely I wish they could go.

that's not what I'm talking about.

Here are the three precious things that I've
decided to leave behind in order to really selflessly
pack light....

My beloved electric toothbrush.
Oh how I will miss your thoroughness in
keeping my teeth and gums impeccably
clean...all in two minutes at a time.
Sniff, sniff.

My incredibly soft and cozy-warm pink
fuzzy robe. It will truly bring a tear
to my eye when K-man cranks the A/C
to its full-strength setting and I am left
shivering without my favorite robe.
But wait a sec...who is that wearing my robe, you ask?
That's Jordan. He is Brenden's good friend
and he borrowed my precious robe for
their school play.
As you can see, I live a very selfless life...
sacrificing my most treasured items for the arts.

Lastly, and certainly far from least...
my hair dryer.
Oh, not just any hair dryer.
MY industrial strength dryer that blows
harder and hotter than any
girly dryer you'd buy at WM.
Trust me, this item will be greatly
missed as I try to tame my mane with
the hotel dryer. Believe me, you'll
notice the difference in every pic of me.

And so it begins,
putting myself aside as I pack with
others in mind.

Oh but, I will be taking back-up hair conditioner.
And mascara.
And plenty of underwear.
And ample hair gel (and spray...and secret serum).

God help me if I ever feel His call to
serve on the mission field in the Congo.


Nancy said...

You crack me up, Lori. Never lose your sense of humor.

Janet and Kevin said...

I know what you mean! I am trying to find a travel lighted magnifying mirror that is compatible with Ch*na's outlets for my ever-present facial hair that needs to come out each morning! LOL! That was the trauma before, standing at the windows of 5-star hotels tweezing in the morning light because my make-up mirror wouldn't work in Ch*na!

Oh the things we do to bring home our precious children! Hee, hee!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Lynsay said...

Good news, you can get pretty decent hairdryers here, but they will only work here, so why bother. Probably you will find room for your toothbrush, if you really need it. But what is the point, millions around you have hardly brushed ever. And, as a bonus, your hotel here will have a robe, but it won't be pink, at least not anymore, not with all the bleach washes it has gone through.

Thank you for making so many sacrifices for us, I promise we will make it up to you with incredible company, food, and we will pray for low humidity, incredible blue skies....ahem. Well, lets go for the low humidity! Good news, this last week has been very mild! Can't wait to see you!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Watch out, you said it so now you know where your going next =).

Holly said...

Another zany Lori post! lol! I love it. I especially love the part about your hubby cranking up the a/c. Oh my word, we married the same man. I would love to know what special products you use on your hair, because I have been searching for some great products for mine. And, I am wondering what to pack. Could you do a post (a semi serious one? haha) about things to make sure to pack? I am a bit stressed about the whole packing thing. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Your post this morning cracks me up. I remember when we were going to China and all I kept hearing was pack light. So I took great pride in packing as little as possible, only to come back and repack everything all over again after removing more items that I knew I could live without. I was so proud! I had done it!
The day we landed in China we went to the luggage claim to get our bags and meet up with our guide. As soon as we walked out the door and introduced ourselves, the first thing our guide said was "Oh wow you got lot a luggage!"

Janet said...

I know what you mean about the powerful hairdryer!! We have very few pictures of me in China (plus I am the one who takes all the pics).
We went carry-on-only both times, yes, with 4 kids and a 4 day layover in Hawaii the 2nd trip. You can do it!!
I'm so sad that DH tells me we will pack light--but not attempt COO this time--he thinks he's getting to old to be the pack-mule I guess.

Shelley said...

*snort* Too funny Lori!
Happy Packing!

Hezra said...

thanks. I was scared for a moment you were going all mushy on me. Like ONLY thinking of the children. ;-)
lol Yes, the toothbrush, so sad, the robe. My heart will break for you shivering like a giraffe in the arctic. And the hair dryer. this is horror of all horrors my friend. Because I too have the unruly mane. The kind that cannot just flow with the hotel shampoo and conditioner and that sad excuse for a hair dryer they provide(or worse! DONT provide!) Yes, gel(I would leave behind volumizing. lolol) frizz serum, yes, if I had to, I would hide it in a ziplock baggie in my mouth!!!lol) and, if He calls you to the Congo, you will just learn to have a head full of braids or wear a silky scarf covering. lollololol, ok, sorry but picturing you or I in braids all over. . . lololol

Leah said...

I'm with Hezra. I wanna see braids!! LOLOLOLOL!! I can go without a lot of things. But do not mess with my hair products!

I will be following along, hanging onto your every word, my friend. It is such a blessing to be walking this path with you.

Shonni said...

Your so funny...love it.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

hahaha, I loved this post. Aw, the high powered blow dryer. I do love it also

Chris said...

I can't wait to follow you guys.The robes at White Swan were pretty nice, don't know about the other stuff.
Braids would work...we would be the only people who would know that it isn't your norm.

Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one, if He calls you to the Congo, He'll tame your hair too! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today especially as I take a break from packing up our earthly posessions and deciding what we keep and what we leave forever.

Blessings from Costa rica,
Sarah Dawn

The Hackney's said...

Lori - You absolutely crack me up!

Sharla said...

I am so cracking up... We would get along great!! I tried so hard to pack light for Africa but there were just some things I couldn't leave behind!

Debby said...

Lori....You so know the drill, pack & then take out half. Your little treasures that you are leaving behind crack me up. You can fit the toothbrush in.....
bathrobe? blowdryer? I don't own either so was never an issue for me....lol.......
Own the hair...girlfriend......(do feel for you about someone else turning up the a/c....I don't have one of those either...lol...

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay so I packed all my old underwear that needed to be thrown away anyhow and after each wear they ended up in the hotel garbage can. I am sure our maids got a giggle out of it.

Robert did it too and one day we came back to our White Swan room of elegance to find his holy tighty whiteys folded on the side of the tub!!

YUCK! Now that is some good housekeeping!

Karen said...

So how light is light?:-) I know you are so excited! You are leaving THIS MONTH!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

This post was too funny....Love your blog....

Sherri and Todd said...

Great post!! You are just too funny!

Tina said...

You are hilarious!! love it!

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