Tuesday, August 4, 2009

toe talent and Lucy's craft table

I promise not to give you boring, daily run-downs
of how our homeschooling
is going.

But I will tell you that yesterday
Nick discovered that he can write his name
with his toes.

Note to self: Remember to record Nick's new-found talent in his high school transcript.

No doubt this will give him an edge when applying
to colleges.

And here is my coffee Lucy's
cut-up-and-glue-everything-in-sight-then-slap-a-sticker-on-it table.


And in sweet timing from the Lord,
we received updated info and pictures of Shu Li!

She is up to a whopping 70 lbs.
I haven't weighed 70 lbs. since the 3rd grade.


Hezra said...

ahh, the life of a coffee table in a home with toddlers/ preschoolers. lol I have had two. I gave up. The last one had something stuck on it that peeled paint, and I had JUST painted it a month before. Now we just do all that stuff at the dining table where it gets close supervision. lol SO exciting to get pictures! We are waiting for ours!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Where's the photos of your 70 pounds of love?

Holly said...

WooHoo!!!!! New pictures!!! My very skinny 10 year old is around 65 pounds. She is a little peanut. :)

Tony and Rett said...

I want to see pics!!!!!

Toe talent, and stickers...what more can a mom ask for?

Leah said...

I agree. Show us some of those sweet pictures!

Lori Anne said...

Okay - that last part is a total lie. You probably weren't 70 lbs. until 9th grade you skinny little thing. Are you even in triple digits now? :) Love ya!

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