Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the 'what's in it for me?' consequences

Would you not agree that selfishness says,

"What's in it for ME?"
"I want what I want...NOW!"

A person like that gives little regard to others
or to the future outcome of what he/she
gets for himself now.

It's why most of America is in credit card debt.
What's in it for ME?
I want what I want NOW.
No regard to the future, which brings financial burden later.

It's why stores everywhere offer,
"No payments until 2015!!"
They know that MOST consumers have the attitude of,
What's in it for ME?
I want what I want NOW.
With no regard to the debt that follows.

It's why many people are losing their homes.
Irresponsible lending/borrowing.
What's in it for ME?
I want what I want NOW.
No consideration as to the stress that that
big, pretty, brand new house will
bring because of the unaffordable payments.

You see, it's this mentality that has brought us to
our current situation with the Obama health care plan,
Cash for Clunkers, this program and that.

What's in it for ME?
I want what I want NOW.

The consequences of all these government HAND OUTS
will carry a huge price tag...
not just financially, but a price on our freedom.

Let's change our selfish motives from
What do WE get NOW,
to considering what these things will do to the future
of our America.

Please click HERE to contact your Congressman,
go HERE to sign a petition

saying NO to government involvement in our
health care.


Mom Of Many said...

If each person who is in favor of Government Health Care would have a one on one conversation with people who have Govt Health Care (like Canadians) and find out the truth.

Most of my relatives on my moms side live in Canada. They cannot get care to save their lives (for real)...

Imagine what it would be like to us who have kids that are special needs - so desperately scarey!!

It's time to educate ourselves as to what is planned for us!

Karin said...

I totally AGREE!! I was just thinking this afternoon about how selfish people have become in this country...how it's not about the common good anymore, it's all about ME, Me, ME.

Guess we were on the same wavelength today.

Holly said...

Thanks for the links. I hadn't seen that petition yet. Yes, this is probably one of the scariest, if not THE scariest thing our government has thought of yet.

Shelley said...

Thank you Lori, for posting this. I have a 5 year old daughter with severe disabilities and government run healthcare scares me to death! Under that plan she will not get certain treatments because she will not be considered a "contributing member of society." I am praying over this issue everyday. Thanks again for posting.

Kathy said...

I so agree we live in such a me me
and more ME society. What will you
do for or should I say give me.
Nothing is free! It will cost us all dearly
and is.
Government health care scares me
to death also!

2 Chronicles 2:14 just keeps coming to
my mind.
We need to be fervently praying also!

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