Thursday, August 6, 2009

mystery name and a golf invite

I'm not feeling very wordy today but here's
all the latest...

I'm so sorry, but I can't post the new pics of Shu Li.
We signed an agreement with our agency
saying we wouldn't.
They are super conservative that way.
I probably shouldn't have posted the pics that I
have but since I got them from sources other than our
agency I felt it was OK.

when we requested updates on our sweet girl we also
requested that they ask her about whether she wanted to
keep her English name that she has there (Katie) or
if she would like us to choose a name for her.

We love the name Katie but we have two Katies in our
family already!

Anyway, supposedly she said she loves the name Katie
and wants to keep it.
Well, honestly I'm totally fine with that...I have
said all along that the choice would be hers.
Problem is,
we are doubting very much that they actually asked
her about it. As many of you know, info received
can sometimes be less than true.
All of our immigration papers say Macy. We may
have a window of opportunity while in Ch*na that
we can change it but maybe not (or so we are told).
So, I guess I'm telling you all this that
from here on out I'm going back to calling her
Shu Li. Golly, this name thing is driving me crazy!!

And lastly,
I thank you all who you have been praying about
our TA situation. It is humbling to know that
so many of you care so much.

And though I know that God allowing this delay
could prove to be a very good thing....
I also know that the enemy does not want us to
adopt and will thwart our plans however
he can.

I ask that you continue to pray that our TA
would come miraculously soon.


Last night we got an email with a letter attached for Nick.

"You have been invited to play in the
2009 Kansas City Crusaders Junior Masters
at the Kansas City Country Club based
on your accomplishment in high school and summer junior
tournaments over the past 12 months..."

Such an honor!! He is so stoked!!

And that means another early, early, early, early
morning for me. Yay.


Ok, that turned out to be more wordy than
I had planned.


Janet and Kevin said...


We are praying for a quick TA and that you can bring Shu Li home very soon!

Also, congratulations to Nick! What an honor.

In Christ,
Janet and Kevin
Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Karin said...

Will continue to pray for God's hand to be on your TA and that He will not allow it to be one day later than His original plan for it!! " plan of Yours can be thwarted." Job 4:22

Katie, Macy or ShuLi...all very cute names! :)

Hezra said...

girl, you are in my prayers this morning. YAY to nick! That is awesome. hugs to you~Hezra

Sharon and Michael said...

Praying for your TA. Congrats to Nick.

Maybe you can add something to the Katie or make it Kate to please her and you still "pick" a part of the name??? Maybe? Macey Kate??? We changed several of our kids names in China vs what we had on all their immigration and agency paperwork. It's tough nameing a child and you've never met them. I guess it would be even tougher for one as old as your daughter to be. We have a Katelyn here ... Maybe you could add something to make a double name so she will have something different from the rest of the family.

Jean said...

Congrats to Nick!! That is so cool!!

Our experience is that they don't ask the kids anything. Sarah never was asked the questions- they take a guess on the answer- it's 50/50.
She also did not receive anything from us until the night before we came to China. A few of the things she received early but was never told who it came from- she just thought they were giving her some things. In some of the pics we have I told her the candy, t-shirt, cake , etc was all from us- she was surprised.

So name thing will probably change again. Sarah was eager to have the name we gave her.

TA- I'm praying for its quick arrival!

Bless you-

Nancy said...

Praying for a quick TA. It will all happen. And Nick being invited to play in that golf proud you must be.

Adeye said...

Not feeling wordy, huh??? ;) You're too funny.

Trusting that ALL THINGS work out--as only God can do it!

Mmm, I'm with you--take EVERY bit of info out of China with a grain of salt. Seriously! Oh how we learned that with haven. She was diagnosed as being PROFOUNDLY Autistic. NOT! No sign of Autism in sight. Everything in her medicals was so wrong. Every update was a bunch of lies. Everything. Truthfully, they lied. Ug.

Hang in there friend--your sweet girl will be in your arms sooner than you know it.


Oh--thanks for your encouragement this morning--you are such a blessing. It means the world to me.

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh I remember the days of limbo where we were unsure if we would have an Anna Li or a Yang Li...

We called her Yang Li the entire time we were in China. Once the two of us were in the elevator together I asked her what she thought of the name Anna Li. She just smiled and shook her head no at first but just seconds later said yes. We were still uncomfortable calling her this in China since everyone else called her Yang Li. After a few days she got the translator to ask us when we were going to start calling her by her American name because she is never going to remember it if we don't! So she became Anna Li except when she talks to Chinese people she refers to herself as Yang Li. Once home she went through a phase of only wanting to be called Anna so sometimes its Anna and sometimes its Anna Li:)

Praying for that TA!

christy rose said...

Congratulations to Nick! That is great!
Continuing to pray for Shu Li and all of your adoption proceedings. The name thing will take care of itself. God knows her name!
Have a great day,

Tiffany said...

Daddy WILL bring HIS daughter home, no matter what Satan tries to throw in the way. I am praying for you - & tell Nick congrats!

Debby said...

Hoping for a speedy TA for you....

Congrats to Nick the golfer.....

I guess it's better that you will be here to take him yto the tournament, than having to depend on your folks to take him. I always HATE to ask my parents to go above & beyond the great favor of just staying with my girls so I can travel.

I liked the suggestion of Macy Kate. I have no doubt you will come together & agree on something beautiful & meaningful.

Two of my cousins married men with the last name Turner. Totally unrelated. They both have a Katherine Turner we call Kari & one we calle Katie.

Chris said...

Well you are one day closer, praying it does not take too long...Lucy will not believe she is getting a big sister.
Congratulations Nick!

Elissa said...

TA, TA, TA, TA!!!

Savior, we humbly but boldly ask you to move mountains to bring this sweet girl home soon!

McNew Family said...

Way to go Nick!!!!! Don't worry about the name, Lori. I think if all else fails, you can leave her name in Chinese until the final papers in China. I could be wrong about that, though - so don't take my word for a final!

Holly said...

Not the best news...and great news! I'm so sorry that things are mostly frustrating over there. We are all continuing to pray for you!!

Sharla said...

Praying with you friend... God is in the miracle business!

Congrats to your son on the golf invite! We LOVE golf, but none of our kids play... It's because we tried to name them based on how their name would sound on a leader board! (You think I'm kidding! But I'm not! LOL!!)

quilt'n mama said...

We are still praying for your TA and we'll pray about the name situation:) Glad you were able to get new pictures, those mean so much to a mama's heart!
Enjoy your early morning at the golf Tourn- what an honor. I'm not too in to super early mornings either but end up doing them with hubby & kids on his race morning! Tomorrow morning bright and early it will be a sprint tri- start time at 7am... at least the kids and I don't have to be there for the 5:30am meeting:)

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