Friday, August 7, 2009

thanks CDC...for no compassion

I'm sure most of you in the Ch*na adoption world have
already heard about this but I wanted
to shed light on it just in case someone hasn't.

Thanks to the new TB testing rules that the CDC put into place,
a 4-year old girl is not being allowed to come to the US
because she has TB
(she's not contagious and has been responding well to meds).

Though I have an opinion (that I will keep to myself) about
one of the parents just not staying there with her
instead of sending her back to the orphanage,

the blame lies with the head of the CDC.

Check out their story.

This child is LEGALLY theirs.
If she was their bio child, this wouldn't be happening.
It is lacking compassion in every way.


quilt'n mama said...

This story has just broke my heart in so many ways!

Adeye said...

Oh--don't even get me started on this one! I, too, have my [rather strong] opinion!


Cari Bacon said...

I read this story, too, on a yahoo group. It's so sad and frustrating. I'm already praying that this does NOT happen to any of our bloggy friends that are getting ready to travel soon or waiting to travel in the future.

Adeye said...

Oh goodness, friend--I just read through their story again. My heart is absolutely broken. It should NOT be this way. I mean, they have found a way to get HIV (and even HEP B, like my 2) into the country--but not TB? I just don't get it.
I tell you--my claws would be out and I would be fighting like there was no tomorrow.
Haven was left in China--sent back to the orphanage. This stuff is too close to home.

Suzette said...

I'm with you ladies on this one. This is so sad and makes me want to DO something for this sweet little girl. I think I will do something right now-I'm lifting her up in prayer today, how about you? God is BIGGER than this issue and WE must do what we can to fight for her!

Sharon and Michael said...

Oh this is why I homeschool. The government is making family decisions that shouldnt' be made by THEM. That is since they would treat a bio child differently. Render to ceasar what is Ceasar's. Our children aren't Ceasar's! If I were int heir position, we'd both have to travel back home to. We have 5 children still home and dh couldnt' work without me caring for the kids. Traveling abck would be aq huge financial burden on us too. The CDC should pay for every additional fee they have to come up now. It's a sad day as being an AMerican. America didn't protect this family's bond.

Lynsay said...

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy...yes, that is me not knowing what else to say (and holding some opinions of my own.) Don't let this discourage you! The enemy would just love to scare you and make this process harder. Love you and will be continuing to pray for Macy and that all goes smoothly when you get her!

Karin said...

ARGH! I have been following their story--which is another example of governmental laws that make no sense. And people think we should get Government Health Care?!?!?!?!?!?!? HELLO????

Holly said...

Sooooo, what's the end of the story?? Will they EVER be able to bring her home? I can't even believe they made this decision. It seems like a bad movie. A REALLY bad movie. A horrible decision. How can they be so heartless???

Janet and Kevin said...

This is a horrible thing for a family and their new child to endure. My heart breaks for them all! Lifting them up in prayer.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Sally- That Girl! said...

I am sitting here bawling watching the heart wrenching video. I don't like to judge but how on earth could you leave her now? I would have found a way to stay with my daughter in China. This little girl is so traumatized! I am so sad!! Lifting her up in prayer until she finally comes home!

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