Monday, June 29, 2009


My brain is reeling this morning with lots of things.
Some are big things....that I just can't share
yet. But PLEASE pray.

Since we first started this next adoption adventure,
we had planned on K-man, Lucy and me taking
the trip to Ch*na.

Well, I've chatted a lot with Patty this week
via F*cebook and she has
REALLY stressed how difficult
it will be with Lucy along. :(

She brought her Fu (she also has a pistol
from Fuzhou) with their previous adoption and
she said it was a huge
And that this time, without her, it
was much easier.

Then, I was chatting with Linn on
the phone as they were heading toward
Iowa last night and she had the same
concerns about us bringing Lucy along.
Especially with the risk of being quarantined.

So....with both these wise women saying
the same thing...we had to really
think and pray hard about whether it was
a good idea.

I think we are foolish not to take their advice. of right this minute,
it looks like it's going to be Brenden and me
going to Ch*na.

He doesn't even know yet!!
But I promise you, he will be thrilled!!!

Anyway, please pray for us.
K-man is really sad that he isn't going...
he was really looking forward to being in Ch*na
again, but mostly, he is so eager
to meeting Shu Li.

Now I've got to call our agency to see
how difficult it will be to change our
plans since we had put on the immigration
papers that we were both traveling.

PLEASE pray!!

And any words of encouragement
from those of you who have 'been there
and done that', would be great.

I borrowed this from Lynsay's blog....
it really spoke to me.
And I just love Gladys Aylward.
Her bio is a must-read.

Then the other morning I read this
in "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers:

In essence, Jesus says, "Continue steadily on with what I have told you to do, and I will guard your life. If you try to guard it yourself, you remove yourself from My deliverance." Even the most devout among us become atheistic in this regard--we do not believe Him. We put our common sense on the throne and then attach God's name to it. We do lean to our own understanding, instead of trusting God with our hearts.

Both of these quotes really spoke to me today...
I just thought I would share them with you.

K-man and I both have heard God questioning us on
our willingness.


Karin said...

Lori...I have to concur with the others about taking Lucy. Is there any way that K-man could go with you, though? Could someone babysit Lucy? Our kids--despite not doing well with me leaving for the grocery store--have done well when we were in China adopting their siblings. God just TOTALLY helped them and they did great. It would be your one and only opportunity for Shu Li to have her parents all to herself. Just a thought...and free advice is usually worth what you paid for it. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay, I agree with Karin. Is there anyway K-Man can go too? I wanted to be independent and adventurous and travel alone to get Bryson so Robert could stay at home with the girls. I didn't think Marissa could handle us being gone. Robert said there is no way we were not going together. Marissa's asthma kept us from taking her to Beijing!

Best thing in the world that we could have done for Bryson and ourselves. It gave the three of us time to spend with just Bryson. We needed the time just as much as Bryson did. The girls did fine at home. We skyped every day and they were fine. IT wasn't ideal with my almost 80 year old parents watching them, but B and N are really capable of doing the majority of what Lucy needs. You just need a project manager at the house.

But with all that said, I think you and B going is much better than bringing Lucy. Shu Li will get plenty of time getting to know her little sister once she is home. You don't wan't your sweet little one to take away from the first few days and impressions with your new sweet big one.

Hard decisions I know!

Janet and Kevin said...


We are in the same spot as you and had always planned on taking Philip with us, but in light of the health concerns and quarantine concerns, we are having to rethink, too! It seems scary whichever way we plan it, whoever goes without the other. We go back and forth, too, and realize we need to trust God to show us the way. It's hard to do as I am still struggling with the decision! I will pray for you sister blogger!

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Hezra said...

hmm, Lori, I am thinking too that You and K should go. I agree though that Lucy going might be pretty bad idea. It might make the paperwork thing go faster and easier to NOT change that. I don't know. I liked the comment about free advice being worth what you paid for it-- please apply that to my two cents worth? ha love you. God will lead and guide.

Holly said...

Those quotes are both so powerful. Especially the Oswald Chambers one. So true how so many Christians (probably all of us at one time or another) are guilty of using our own common sense and expecting God to bless it. I've heard it called having "good ideas" that are not "God ideas". Thanks so much for the reminder. : ) I am so excited for whatever it is God has in store for you!

McNew Family said...

Good morning, Lori! We came to the same decision about travel. Dad and Chick-a-Dee will stay home with MissE, and IBoy will come with. Hard decision, but for us, I think the wise one. Each family must make the decision based on what is best for them. I know that hubby REALLY wants to go back- maybe later!

Lynsay said...

For what it is worth, I tend to think that it would be great for SL to have both of you, mama and baba, there to pick her up. If it was a big sis, may be different, but I think it would be wonderful if K could go. If you decided to take Lucy, we could help out with her, either in BJ or in LY. Love you friend!

Chris said...

We took our 4 kids along and another older teen on our last trip and it went fine youngest was 3 BUT with the health concerns...I vote you and K-man. My kids do the same as Karin's fine when I'm finally out the door.
Funny thing...our 3 boys can barely sit in the back seat of the Astro van w/o fighting, but they sat 3 in a row for 14 hrs enroute to HK with NO fighting. Definitely God.

Jean said...

You quotes are really good! Just so you know- I love it when you have great quotes (a little encouragement to keep doing it)! Guilty- oh yes- I make my own decision and then attach God's name to it- guilty. Not a good thing.

I'll give you my thoughts for what they are worth-

You need to do whatever works for your crew. It's not going to be perfect because you have a family at home to think about- so you just do the best you can.
We are thinking ahead to the situation, too... I have 2 schools of thought- but they are opposites. ne is keep lucy home- this is a business trip to get your sweet daughter and get back home- asap. Brenden would work out because he is so good with all kids and he has a sense of humor which really helps with stress.
K-man would be good because he is the Daddy but anyway you look at it it is hard to leave Lucy. YOu have been with her every moment of every day. She may be shocked and confused when you leave her. Especially if BOTH parents go to China.

It worked well for us to have JIm at home and Kate and I went to China for Sarah. Sarah commented on where is DAddy and why did he go get Anna and not me BUT that passed and it s not a problem. Anna now clings to me- I think she is afraid if I don't put her to bed that means I am not coming home for awhile- and she doesn't want me to leave her- ever.

I think we will have to have either Jim and I go to China or Katie and I. It gets too expensive if we have to bring both girls- and there will be too many feelings to deal with in CHINA.

My final vote- You and Brendan go to China. K-man holds down the fort at home. Your mom babysits during the day with Nick's help. Shorten up the trip as much as you can!
(no prayer was put into my answer- only thoughts)

I'll pray for your decision. It's a tough one.
Blessings to you!

Nancy said...

It really sounds like you have made the right decision. It won't be easy. I agree with Karen. K-man should go if at all possible. Bet Luch would love to spend time with Ninny.

Karen said...

Oh, this is the part of adoption that I disliked...figuring out who traveled and the logistics of those that didn't. We have left at least our youngest ones home for all but the last of our 5 adoptions. It is hard on both momma and the kids, but they all made it thorough, and that was without skype (only phone calls). I found the kids were more resilient than I thought. We rented a panda phone and they were told they could call at anytime..we got a call on the Great Wall:-) We did have some issues when we returned, but part of it was someone new in the house and it always worked out. Another possible option (we used) would be for K-man to go to the province with you and fly home when you went to GZ with Shu-Li. It would allow him time to bond with Shu Li and then allow you special momma/daughter time too (in a place you could be comfortable being alone). That way Lucy would only be without you both for a week and daddy could spoil her before you came back with big sis. And another thought is that Shu-Li may not be comfortable sharing her new mom/hotel room, etc with an unfamiliar boy her age. Just some ideas, probably didn't help, but I tried:-) I'll pray for your decision I know it's tough.

christy rose said...

Listen to the Spirit of God on the inside of you. He will direct you in all of your steps. He loves you! He will not lead you astray! I am so excited for you all!

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