Sunday, June 28, 2009

a bear and his new do

Do you like Beary's new haircut?

Well....I caught Lucy snipping away.
She has seen me numerous times
cutting my own hair (and others), so it's no wonder.

Not so bad!

I wish so much I had been able to get a picture
of Lucy with scissors in-hand as she was beautifying
her fury friend...
but as soon as she saw me coming
with my camera she scrambled.

Here is a tad bit of the evidence.
I really wonder what Beary would look like
if we hadn't caught her in the beginning
of his appointment.


Shonni said...

So FUNNY! I have little ones that have done each other!! LOL

Holly said...

Beary looks very cute. A nice, short cut for the summer!

Jean said...

I am sure that beary would have looked exquisite after his new doo done by Lucy! After all she has learned from the best- you!!

Too cute!!

Hezra said...

ok, you need to start getting the Junie B books for Lucy now. lol They are about this little girl who sounds ALOT like Lucy. lol There is one where she is "Barber shop guy". And she cuts her bunny slippers bald. Her language is hilarious, her thought processes are so realistic. We LOVE them. We read them aloud and even the 3-4 yo liked them alot. My 6 yo girl was the most enthralled, and even the bigger boys laughed out loud. They played with legos and pretended not to listen. lol

Lacy said...

That is to cute. She is trying to be like her mommy!

Justin once cut his hair, Katie's hair and the dogs hair all in one sitting. There was clearly a lack of supervision that day:)

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