Saturday, June 13, 2009

where there's a will...

My golfer,

This kid has been trying to come up with
his own personal putting green
for well over a year now.

He even found a spot hidden in our woods
that he cleared,
(I think may have even cut
down a tree or two....)
and did his darndest to make it
golf-course like.

Poor kid.

As you might have guessed....
it didn't work.

But his Ninny (my mom), told him
she would buy a piece of
carpet to help his cause.

Well, a trip to H*me Depot & a couple
hours spent in the barn with his dad later,

His very own, long yearned for, 4x8 putting green...
in his bedroom!

As you can see, Nick has bounced back nicely
from his painful loss the other day.
And with his new practice green....
and a brand new putter that his bought
with his yard-mowing money,
he's back on target!


Karin said...

Looks like a golfer's dream come true. :) My dad used to putt in the kitchen (back in the day...ya know...when they were carpeted--eww). He used a coffee cup as his 'hole' and would putt the ball across the kitchen into the cup. Ahhh...good memories. :)

rwf1948 said...

Looks great. You go, Tiger.

Jean said...

What a dream come true for a passionate golfer!
He may never leave his room except to go to the golf course!

Jen said...

What fun!!! That is what every golfer dreams of! And I love it that he made it himself!!!

Mom Of Many said...

All I can say is that I bet you are thankful that Nick's gig is golfing...can you imagine if it was the swim team...a pool in his bedroom?? Well maybe...K-man would figure something out...haha

Sally- That Girl! said...

I will NOT be showing Kevin this post!

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