Friday, June 12, 2009

sleepless....thinking about a curious question...

Well, it's 11:55 PM...

which for me, is super late.

But, just as I was dozing off.....
I started coughing.

Nothing serious, just a little tickle that
was just enough to make me WIDE AWAKE.

Have ya been there??

Anyway, I had this question rolling around in
my brain that I wanted to ask you all.

It will make you reacg deep inside & really
ponder it....

And I think it will help me get to know each of
you better.

I'm just so very, very curious.


If you were giving $100 to spend at W*l Mart....

What would you buy?

Anything goes....and no right or wrong answer.

**Update** Ok, I've changed the rules....unless you
are buying some special ingredients for a recipe
you've been dying to make but money has
held you back,


Get creative....

Maybe you have a love for office supplies
(like I weirdly do)
R*bbermaid storage containers give you a thrill
(yes, like me)
seeing how far you could stretch $100 in the fabric department,
which is exactly what I would do!!


Chris and Sarah said...

I would end up buying things for my kids or groceries.

Janet and Kevin said...

Same here. We buy our groceries at Wally World, as Philip calls it! It's his favorite place to go! LOL!! Don't we lead an exciting life??

Oh, and maybe a little bag of M & M's on the side!!

Jaime said...

i would be totally selfish and buy cake decorating stuff, office supplies, oodles of hair cair products and cosmetics!!!! (i can spend hours just looking at stuff like that) post it notes in cute, fun shapes would definitey be one of my first purchases (never bought them... they seem like a waste if they aren't at least a 3x3square)

Jean said...

Check out my blog- My answer got very long so I made it into a post!
This is fun!!

Hezra said...

ooh, I would get some of the whit stacking plastic drawers for storing and organizing my scrapbooking supplies. And yes a box of jr mints and a 16 oz bottle of cold dr pepper as I am leaving.

Debby said...

You know us all so well was going to say groceries!!

Well, if I have an extra $100, I'd rather go to Target. Money is pretty tight right now & unless things start picking up, will probably stay that way for awhile. I'd go ahead & buy a few things to put away for Christmas for the girls. Books, games, hula hoop for Jami.......a few new ballet outfits too.
POOF! $100 gone, just like that...!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I don't know Wally is getting some pretty cute clothes in from what I see sprinting by to get somewhere else, so since I have not bought any clothes in ages I might just splurge and spend it on mama in the clothing dept.

And then if you gave me another $100, it would be on fabric and notions that is for certain! Oh wait I really want my own cutting board, straight edge and rotary cutter instead of borrowing my moms!

JR said...

It's fun for me to buy things for my 3 precious grandchildren. So I would probably hit the chidrens clothing department and the toy section (of course!). I would also go to the arts & crafts section because we enjoy sitting at the dining room table & creating things together. (btw, WM is my "most favoritest" store!!)

Chris said...

Oh, my $100! well yeah probably stuff for Christmas, but we have 3 birthdays before then, love buying t-shirts and going to fabric dept to add fabric for a skirt.
Yes, I too would buy those white stacking drawers to put the folded laundry in until the kids take it upstairs.
I'm not sure $100 would reach.

Michele said...

Since I can't buy groceries, I would buy lawn/garden stuff. Things to make my yard pretty! Or maybe some skin stuff - lotions, soaps, etc...

Karen said...

Do diapers count as groceries? We definitely need diapers, and $100 would actually only buy about 6 boxes of diapers, which is 564 diapers, which would only last 94 days or so, which is a little over 3 months. BLAH. Shouldn't have even added that I'm sick to my stomach and wanting to potty train our 12 month old son!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been following your blog for sometime. Thanks for sharing life with all of us.

You must be like me and when you go to bed your mind wanders way to much. LOL!

Well if I had a $100 to spend on anything I wanted at Walmart, without having to feel guilty about using it for something fun. I would most likely buy a Camera. Yes I would like to buy office stuff, storage containers and things like that but I have wanted a Camera for several years now and just cannot afford one. A friend gave one to me but unfortunately it died not long after I got it. So I am back to wanting a camera that works again. LOL!!


Janet and Kevin said...

OK, since I can't buy groceries, (not even chocolate??), I would spend some of the $100 on organizer thingies for our small businesses, those really cute kid organizers for Philip's toys, and lots of office and school supplies! (I am a teacher and love, love, love, love supplies of any kind!) And then, last but not least, maybe a teeny, tiny bag of m & m's??!! LOL!

Martha said...

I have had problems commenting lately, so I am making up for lost time here :o)

First, $100.00 at W@llM@rt - hmmmmm.
Well, the rules didn't say you had to spend it all at once, so that would be part of my strategy.

Most likely I would purchase gifts for upcoming birthdays or even Christmas. I might buy essentials like light bulbs ( I know - b o r i n g) or chlorine for my pool. (BTW - you have a pool, where do you purchase your pool products?)

I am very frugal and don't pay full price for much of anything. We shop at garage sales all spring, summer, and fall. I am able to get just about anything and everything we need. It allows me to get some "wants" as well. I so wanted to comment on your post about saving money and such - garage sales are the way we get most of what we have. Teacher's pay is synonymous with garage sales. Perhaps even the dictionary states under "teacher" - one that must garage sale to make ends meet - hmmmm, I should check that out.

I have some interesting purchases from garage sales - and I do mean interesting :o) We are not too proud here in Bachville :o)

I have a hard time using gift cards - I have two from Hallmark that are over two years old - two from CVS that are over one year old. I just know that as soon as I make a purchase, I will see something equally as good for 5% of the original price, or even less. It is a curse!!!

Janet said...

Some boy toys, as we are adopting a 5yo boy. His older brother is 15, so we have no little boy toys for him to play with. I'd also check out the fabric dept, although they usually don't have what I need for the smocked dresses I make. Like there would be any money left--I'd go to the garden dept and get some pretty plants. Janet

Holly said...

Hmmm...$100??? Just for ME to not spend on GROCERIES?? That is a VERY difficult question, since I really can't imagine it. I think I would buy something fun for the house, since with our adoption coming up, we are trying not to spend on anything like that. I would get paint for our living room, or maybe a cool picture or a mirror, or fun new towels for the bathroom. Things I never, ever get unless they are from a garage sale. :) Ooh, ooh, I know. Maybe I would buy flowers to plant outside, since we are not spending on that either this year. Does Wal-Mart sell those?

Angie H. said...

A rolling cuttingboard/storage for my kitchn or perhaps lounge chair or side table for my patio.
The lounge chair sounds better, just hope I would have time to use it. :)

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