Friday, June 12, 2009

Doritos, Beer, and Bikini Underwear

As I'm sitting here sipping my green tea,
having just finished my quiet time with the Lord....

I wonder what in the world I should write about today.
(if anything, but I guess if you are here, you
expect something!)

But then I remembered a funny story from when we were
in Ch*na last summer.

I didn't write about this before...I guess it didn't
seem all that funny before.
But for some reason I thought of it
last night and it made me laugh.

Packing to for a trip to Ch*na is a delicate dance...
you gotta have all your stuff,


As many of you have (or are doing now),
I began packing weeks in advance,
check list in hand,
very carefully arranging & rearranging things
in the the suitcases.

We soon discovered after in Ch*na that
I had forgotten to pack enough pairs of
K-man's underwear.
Or so we thought.

We tore the suitcases apart, checking
each nook and cranny
of each piece of luggage.

We finally gave up and went to W*l Mart.
(I think we were in Nanchang at this point)

We found the men's department....
and the entire aisle for
socks and underwear.

I kid not.....
ALL the men's underwear were
BIKINI style!!!

No briefs, no boxers.

We laughed so hard.
We had no choice.
A package of men's bikini undies it was.

Well, as our "luck" would have it,
before K-man had the chance to change into
his new sexy underpants,

we found the ones I had packed.

We, again, had a good laugh.

But, unlike here in the good ol' US,
we weren't about to attempt a return
at the local Chinese WM!!
Though I'm sure that would have made
for a great story as well.

So, along with two bags of Doritos
that we never opened,
and a bottle of beer that one of the local
merchants had given us as a gift for graciously
buying lots of stuff in their store (we
don't drink beer),
we just decided to leave the entire
stash for the maid since we
were then headed to GZ.

The morning we left, we had all our bags in tow
and were waiting by the elevator for our
fellow travel families.

We hadn't been out of our room five minutes
and we see a maid,
come racing by.....having just exited our room,
with Doritos, sexy underwear and beer in hand.

No, she wasn't looking for us, thinking we had forgotten it all,
She ran with all her might to stow it away for herself!

Hee hee.

That's what we wanted her to do but we had
no idea it would be like winning
the lottery for her!

It was pretty funny.

I hope she had a great party with her
hubby that night!


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

ok, lori, that's just obscene. Bikini for men? I won't even picture it. haha

Jaime said...

haha! i can only picture the look on k-man's face when he thought he would have to wear bikini undies! how funny! (too bad you found the ones you pakced... it would have been nice for a man to deal with the wedgies and visible panty lines!!!!)

Holly said...

That is so hilarious, I'm glad you shared it! It reminds me a little of a time when I was in Ukraine. The economy was really bad there, and it was hard to find really normal things in the store. Plus, the people there didn't seem to mind that they smelled pretty bad from lack of deoderant.(It was summer!) We heard it was a luxury. So anyway, I had all my toiletries out on our balcony of our hotel, and accidentally dropped my deoderant down to the ground. I turned around to tell my roommate about it, and by the time I turned back around to look, someone had already snatched it up! I wasn't too upset. I figured they needed it more than me. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

At least she took the merchandise out of the room to party with instead of leaving it empty in your still preoccupied room! I know I gave you the memory for this post with Hansen's post the other day!

Hezra said...

thank you very much! I just snorted my morning caffeine painfully through my nose!

Chris and Sarah said...

That is funny! So you need to think of something even better to leave in the room this next time.

Lisa said...

That is a very cute story. When I saw your title this morning to your post, I knew it was going to be funny.

Nicole A. said...

That has got to be one of my favorite blog headings ever! You are so creative, and so funny, too! (I'm sure your husband appreciates your humor so much, too. ;) )

Have a great weekend!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Rachel said...

Oh honey, I was so relieved after I read your post. When I saw the title I thought maybe the stress of the adoption wait was getting to you & you were describing a low moment in your day. Ha! Praying for you today!

Karin said...

Love the blog title...hahahahaha. You are not kidding when you say they only had men's bikini underwear. We found that out, too. Oh...and they also only have Speedo-type swimming suits for men.

Glad I'm not a man in China. Also glad the wait isn't driving you to drink. :)

Jean said...

Okay, this is a good post! That is so funny! I can just picture her running down the hall with her "gifts"!

I was hopin to see a pic of those bikini underwear! Yes, I am chuckling to myself! We would be rolling on the floor with just the thought of hubby in those!

Reason # 312 why Shu Li will love your family!
Thanks for making my evening!!

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