Thursday, June 11, 2009

REALLY steamed.

Just a little while after my previous post,
we got a phone call from the
PGA officials saying that due to heavy rain
last night, the 2nd round of the tournament
has been canceled...

and won't be rescheduled.

If my young man wasn't disappointed enough as it was...
he is truly crushed now.

No chance to improve on his score from yesterday,
giving him a CHANCE to win.

I'm pretty upset.

We paid a lot of money for this tournament,
which was a huge sacrifice for us
right now.

I emailed the officials explaining
my feelings.

They at least owe the kids a free round of golf.

I'll let ya know what I hear from them.

I heard back from the officials.
They have graciously decided to send Nick a
certificate for a free round of golf
and a box of golf balls.
I'm happy with that.
I hope Nick is also.


Jaime said...

you go girl!

Hezra said...

amen! Cause they don't want this mama coming after them with loaves of french bread. . .

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

aw, that is the sweetest thing. I hope he enjoys it too!

Mandi said...

So glad to hear that he will at least get something out of it.

BTW, I can't wait to make some french bread of my own soon.


Karin said...

Ohhh...tough day, but I'm glad things ended on a better note.


Jean said...

When I read you title I thought "what is this girl cookin now?" I figured you were steaming something in the kitchen- vegetables, whatever!

Sometimes you just gotta speak up for what is right. They should have rescheduled the second day. At least he did get a free round- he deserves it! Good job, Momma!

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