Thursday, June 11, 2009

french bread and golf

Yes, I do believe I am nesting.
Now if I would just "nest" in other parts of
my messy house.

Here is the french bread recipe!!
It is sooo easy and yummy!

I was referred to this site by my friend Lacy.
Who is basically,
Wonder Woman.
(she grinds wheat to make her own flour!)
Now I've embarrassed her, I'm sure.
Sorry Lacy!

There are even videos for the bread recipes.


Now I gotta go fry my daily eggs for my routine breakfast,
then jump in the shower.

Then it's off to the 2nd round of the Midwest Jr. PGA Championship
tournament. Nick is playing! He had a horrible day yesterday.
Oh it hurts my heart to see my baby so disappointed.
I'm partly to blame....
I got him there with only 25 minutes to spare before
I got the times mixed up and it really rattled him.
But I'm not sure we can blame all 18 holes
on that.
Anyway, he can redeem himself today.

It is sooo difficult for a Mama to see her son work SO HARD,
He even played on that particular course the other day....
taking notes about each hole in his little notebook.
And he still fizzled.

I think I'm going to cry all over again.

I don't care
what his score is....I just hate seeing him
so disappointed and upset with himself.

This was from one night that just Nick and I went to the
driving range.
I took a TON of pictures! The people around
us probably thought I was super weird.
Nick finally told me to stop....after about 60 pics!


Jaime said...

thanks for the link tot he recipe for the french bread. looks pretty easy!
(and i agree... Lacy must be Wonder Woman)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Tell Nick that is golf. Same course, same holes, same clubs, same golfer...different scores. Kevin says that is what makes golf so interesting.

Sorry to hear it was cancelled but glad to hear mama bear got something out of it! I would have done the same thing much to Kevin's horror!

Lacy said...

Lori- You are so sweet. I am FAR from Wonder Woman. I am a work in progress. I am just trying to do the best job I can at what the Lord has called me to do.

I am so glad you loved the french bread. It is very easy and makes great pizza the next day. Good luck with the wheat bread. I made cinnamon rolls with the dough yesterday and my friend (who is spending the week with us) thinks I could go into business. Unfortunately I didn't have any dough left to try and freeze it. We have 7 very hungry kids here this week:)

Jean said...

Lucky you- I get told to stop after 3 pics. I'd be in heaven if they ever let me get away with 60! ;-)

You all are makin me hungry! Sure wish I liked to cook!

It is so hard seeing our kids disappointed. I'm sorry it was cancelled for today- how frustrating. Our Billy is a passionate golfer, too. Golfers have such nice personality traits- I just love them!

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