Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a little good news

I just have to share with you all that I got an
email from Patty early this morning...

she told me that as she was giving
our care package to someone
who is delivering it
to Shu Li, her daughter Ellie (that she just met
yesterday) was asking about who the package was

turns out that Ellie and Shu Li are friends!!
And Ellie was so thrilled to find out that Shu Li is
being adopted also!!

They all sat and looked at the pictures of our family that I had
included in the care package.

It seemed to really put Ellie's mind at ease
(at least for a bit)
about being adopted, knowing that some
of her friends will be in the US also.

It was such a joy to get that good news.
I just wish Patty and I didn't live half the country
away from each other.

But, we WILL get the girls together
at some point!


christy rose said...

That is wonderful news! Every little piece of goodness that God brings is so sweet huh?

Sally- That Girl! said...

How exciting and fun for you to already have a connection for Shu Li in the US!!!! God is so good! I can't wait for Patty to post pictures of her. Thanks for keeping us informed. This has got to be exciting for you!!! Your turn next!

Holly said...

Wow, that is so awesome! And guess what...we are moving forward! Writing LOI tonight! :)

Holly said...

I've seen your comments on several of my bloggy friends' blogs and I feel like I've run into you before.
You are SO talented girl!
I can't sew on a button!
My heart so wants another one from China but the door right now is closed.
Maybe after we make it through this depolyment? God is faithful!
Are you still making things to raise money for your adoption?
I have to be super careful and I just committed to several items to help someone else's adoption...oh how I would LOVE to help everyone!!! Please let me know if you're still making handbags,quilts, whatever :)
God will supply all your needs. I know He will!

Chris and Sarah said...

That's awesome!

OK, so I just noticed your followers are at 98! You need to do a post and try to get 2 more followers.

Karin said...

You guys can Skype each other if you get a webcam!! They are only about $40 and Skype is free.

God is so good!! What a hug from Him you got today. :)

Mom Of Many said...

What wonderful news Lori!! I love that she "saw" you guys....I dreamed we got the email that our LOA was at the agency (last time they called) so I wouldn't exactly call it prophetic - but very fun!! You guys are only a week behind us...who knows though, you may beat us there! xo
Oh! And my bag arrived!! It's so pretty! Thank you so much! I am so tickled that I won something from you!!

PS Tell K-man that I am so sorry you didn't get up at 11:pm and make him breakfast...tell him I will keep praying for you...=)

Jean said...

That s wonderful! Every bit of good news helps!!
I am so happy for Patty- that she has Ellie! Next it will be you having Shu Li!!
God is so good!

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