Thursday, June 25, 2009

North! To Alaska...

Ok, first of all...

I wasn't going to say anything,
since Sarah brought it up in her comment yesterday,

I'll just say it.


come on!!

Surely there are TWO of you who
would jump on board to
give me the coveted triple digits!

That's all I'm going to say about that.



I just thought I would share with you my very
latest project:

Three little dresses for a darling
little girl in Alaska!

I'm shipping them today!

Yes, exactly like the one I made
for my fundraiser...
it's becoming a classic. :)
So sweet!

Yes, the same fabric from one
of the bags I made...
doesn't it look darling made
into a dress?

If you are interested in placing an order for
any of the things you've seen on my blog...
(oh, and I've got a super cool project for this fall!),
send me an email.

However, I'm taking a short break to
organize and clean my "sweat shop"...
my family is tired of me
constantly asking them if they took
my scissors....or if they would help me
look for my seam ripper
(and they don't even know what that is).

K-man said I need a tool belt.
Good idea.


Jen said...

OMG......simply adorable!! I LOVE the dress in the material as the "bag"!!! What size does the dresses go up to? Marin and Meisyn just may need one!! Super cute!!!

Janet and Kevin said...


You are very talented! Hope your handmade items take off! God bless your efforts.

Love in Christ,

Angie H. said...

#99 follower... :)
Love your blog and love the dresses.. :)

Jean said...

The dresses are adorable!! I do have to say I am also very partial to those blankets- rag quilts you make!

YOu are so good with that sewing machine!
I love the tool belt idea!

Mom Of Many said...

100!!! How fun is that girlfriend??

And as far as that toolbelt goes...I thought you told me you already had one...oh wait! That's right, you said you use it as nightwear...yeah, forgot that....

McNew Family said...

Yeah - you made your 100 mark!!!! Now if some of your friend will come on over to my blog and become followers - I am at 18 - can I make it to 20??????

Chasity said...

Oh, my goodness. You are so talented. Great use of God's gift to you. I'm in love with the last dress, with the polka dot inner lining and paisley pattern. I will have to order one. I'm in love with Shu Li and as my heart is pulling me, I'm trying to find out what God is guiding me to do. My heart aches for these precious girls waiting for a family. God bless your family.

p.s. I hope you got my second donation I sent, I seen and got your message the first one you accidently denied.

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