Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a very lovely gift

Monday I received a package in the mail from
my sweet bloggy friend, Lacy!

She made Lucy the most adorable outfit!!

And Miss Lucy couldn't be more excited...
she calls this her dancin' dress because
it twirls quite nicely!

And Lucy insisted I take a pic of
the hair bow Lacy made!

"I love my new dress!!"

Lacy also made some ADORABLE little crop
pants to wear underneath but Lucy chose
to go with just the dress for her
photo shoot.

**Lacy has VERY GRACIOUSLY agreed to make another outfit
for me to sell if anyone is interested. She will custom make it
to fit your little darling!
Shoot me an email if you want more info!!


Barb said...

She is so cute! And I just love the dress!

Lacy said...

Oh.My.Goodness! She looks adorable. I am so glad it fits her perfectly.

Sarah Dawn said...

Simply too adorable, wish I had a little girl to twirl like that! Hmm, could she make me a twirling dress?

Twirling momma,
Sarah Dawn

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