Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Text Messages and Lucy's Got Game

A Conversation with Brenden (via text messaging):

Brenden was at some friends' house on Saturday night.
Around 10:30 PM I heard my cell
phone chirp (or ding dong as Lucy says).


It was all the way in the kitchen and I was in bed.

I knew who it was.

I knew it was a non-important,
randomly ridiculous text message

I couldn't ignore it because the da-gone thing would just keep
beeping. And just in case it was a "Mom, I'm sooo sick, come get me" text,
I had to read it.


Here's how the micro-conversation went:

Brenden, "When you are in China pick me up an entire tea set!
So I can make tea like the Chinese =)"

Running through my brain....why is my 16 year old son wanting a tea set?

Me, "Brenden, we are in bed! Quit texting me trivial things or I'm going to
poison your tea!"

Brenden, "You're in bed!!!!!!!!!!!! Why??
We are making french toast and bacon, want some? =)"

Me, "U R weird."

Brenden, "That a no?"

Me, "Yeah, no thank you. You woke Dad up and he
just went to the kitchen to get a bowl of fruitloops."

Brenden, "Heehee!!"

Sunday afternoon

Lucy is getting serious about her bball game....

Giggling the entire time helps

Almost there......

Who knew a pint-size Chinese girl could dunk like that!

Ok, I'm ready to take the fam for a Sunday drive

Sorry.....that's truly the most excitement we had this weekend!


Karin said...

hehehe...I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets goofy text msgs from my teen! One time my son borrowed my cell phone and sent a totally random msg to my best friend. I forgot to explain to her until weeks later. snicker....

Mom Of Many said...

Really, really sweet picture of Lucy and Baba...

And as for B...yeah, according to E...he is always, always, always talking about food, Just how does a scrawny kid eat all the time and stay scrawny - NO FAIR!

Rachel said...

Lucy's so talented! Move over Yao Ming!

Jean said...

She is jut so darn cute!! Any pic of Lucy is blog worthy!

I love texting with my kids! Maybe not at 10:30 at night though- they know I wouldn't answer so they would just call!

Shonni said...

Hi so so fun to get to know your family! Your conversation with your son gave me a chuckle...they really are fun when they are older, huh?
Yes, we are going with the Saunders and are really excited!!!

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