Saturday, May 2, 2009

Woven Propaganda

Yesterday we went to S*m's Club to load up on milk for the next week. We decided to sit and eat a hot dog (the size of a flag pole) before we began our shopping. My advice to all of you: stay away from the hot dogs.

But while we were eating, there was a very chatty guy eating his lunch.....
which was....I kid you not,

an ENTIRE rotisserie chicken.

He picked. it. clean.

I sat there and just couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't decide if I was more disgusted or amazed. It takes my family of 5 a good few days to nibble an entire chicken to its bones.
*I was so tempted to whip out my phone and take a pic for you all...but
I figured that would be rude,
so I'll just talk about him.

Later that day.....

We went to the fabric store to get a few things for a project I'm working on (more on that later). As I was cruising around the store (which truly, left me longing for an unlimited amount of time to just sit and do crafty things) I saw the unthinkable.

Never in my wildest dreams.

A bolt of fabric that stopped me in my tracks.

(Insert extreme gagging sounds here)

Hurry and get your orders in now before this fine woven gem is gone.

I'll make you a skirt or something.


Nancy said...

Have you heard about he Obama Chia Pet? This would go nicely with it.

Holly said...

Can I change the font size on here? Because if I could, I would make this very big: HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That's awesome. I'm gonna run out and buy me some of that fabric.

Lacy said...

At a fundraiser I frequently do for Leanne's cheerleading there is a lady that sells those tied fleece blankets. The last time I was there she had an Obama fleece blankets with his huge face on it. I though to myself..."the only other people I see on fabric are teen celebrities and cartoon characters. Enough said!

Jaime said...

that's crazy. could you just make me some toilet paper squares with it?

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

That fabric is from the underworld. lol

Shonni said...

I still can't believe the chicken thing!!!
And the fabric...that is just crazy.

Sally- That Girl! said...

The fabric isn't even attractive. What are earth would someone make with it?

It is kind of creepy to think that is the love affair that our country is having with our current president! It really reiterates how we are caught up in an image instead of what really matters.

Maybe you could go back to Sam's and bring the chicken guys some cloth napkins!

Chris said...

What next! I need some cleaning rags

Karin said...

Gagging here...I'm with Sally. I think it's creepy to see the obsession with him.

Susan said...

I went shopping in Oct. for a calendar. There, front and center were numerous B. Hussein Obama calendars in all his "glory" and not one McCain/ Palin one. I even asked...

If they give the fabric away after it sits on the shelf for months, grab a yard for me and I'll use it as a bird cage liner. Seems appropriate somehow.

Martha said...

First, I am kind of embarrassed, my family of five can eat two roasted chickens in one sitting. If my two other boys are here, it takes three of these birds to feed the seven of us. Of course, some of us have hollow legs :o)

Secondly, that fabric is pretty bad. What did the person who designed it, have in mind for its use? Jammies, curtains, pillows? I don't know, I just can't picture anything being made from it. Even if you are a supporter, which I am not, how absolutely tacky!

So there is the Obama Chia Pet, and now this horrendous fabric, what is next? How about Obama painted on velvet, sold off the side of the road, in a parking lot near you - yours for only $19.99.

quilt'n mama said...

Ugh! I'll pass too on the fabric! I too must admit that my 4 very young children can pack away a chicken like that by themselves! They love it... my hubby says they gather like flies when we bring one of those home and it quickly disappears! I'm not sure they pack it but they LOVE the stuff!

Hezra said...

ahh Lori again you have my creative juices flowing lol THAT FABRIC!! yes, really, what to make quilt? flags? underwear? oh, the possibilities are endless. hee hee. it is a work of art all by it lil' ol' self. ;-) We will pray he is way more useful in office than that fabric will be.

Tony and Rett said...

OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT makes me L-A-U-G-H!!!!


While eating a banana.

Yeah. Look away!!

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