Friday, May 22, 2009

my golf course {mini}-adventure....

Thursday afternoon Nick had a golf scramble with his team to end the season.
(Brenden had other plans and couldn't make it.)

Anyway, they asked the parents to show up to be their "gallery" and take
pictures....sounds like fun to me!!

I tried to time my arrival so that I could see the last two holes.....I just
knew that I would just have to walk out just a short ways
and there they would be.


Stupid me, I should have got a cart cause I was in jeans & the longer
I walked the more I melted (it was about 83).

I'm not a golfer but I can't help but love being out on the course because of its beauty. I have no doubt that Nick's yard will look like this someday!

Walking a bit farther.....I encountered a swarm of bees!!

Got past the bees without incident......


Yes, that's right....I met a snake along my path.

Walking, walking, walking......

sweating semi-profusely.....

Hoping that other golfers seeing me walk around with nothing
but a camera, think I'm an important member of the media and
not some crazy mom trying to track down her
soon-to-be embarrassed 14 year old son.

I was certain a giraffe was going to emerge from trees...

Wait. That's Nick. Stop! Wait for me honey!

He didn't voice his true feelings but I suspect that seeing
his mother walking fast as she could across
the fairway wasn't exactly the
most comfortable situation.

Oh well, it's good for him....builds character to handle stressful

My super talented Tiger, I mean Nick.

(In case you are wondering...he loves me taking pics of him so don't you worry)

One of my very favorite things in the world to do is to drive Nick around
in a cart while I watch him play. Just the two of us. He is an
amazing golfer and an incredible young man.

He will be playing in a Junior golf tour this summer and
he couldn't be more excited!!


Brittne said...

Wow!! I had no idea that Nick was so into Golf!! Good for him!! Looks like we will see him in the future as part of the IGA!

Debby said...

Good Lord...what a natiure hike you had. Can not believe you stopped to take pictures of the swarm of bees!!!!!! You have a serious blog

Jaime said...

i probably would ahve wet myself and cried when i met the swarm of bees.
and i seriously hope you were wearing deoderant...lots of it!

Holly said...

Isn't life fun? I literally laughed out loud at the thought of this teenage boy watching his mom come hustling out there with camera in tow. So funny, and I just love the relationship you have with your boys. I am making it my goal to mirror that when my boys get big.

Patty said...

Ok. Ummmm....a snake?? I would have fainted right there. That thing looked huge! I seriously would have freaked!!! But you get a photo, you ARE the master blogger LOL!!!

Hezra said...

oh Lori,Lori,Lori. . . you are the only other person in the world this stuff happens to! I being the 1st. I am glad to know I have good company. You nut. A snake, a swarm of bees. . . lost on a golf course.(lol it didn't type right and said GOLF CURSE heee heee) Yes, I hope that was a deoderant wearing day. ;-)

Lynsay said...

Sheesh, and people ask me why I like the city...that was entirely too much nature for me....too too much. You would have lost me as a walking partner as soon as I saw my first bee. :) The way I see it you are doing everything right, encouraging your son to do golf, helping him be the best he can be, I mean, Tigers parents are probably pretty comfortable right now....maybe you could find a nice penthouse in the city, away from the bugs! Hehe! Hugs!

Karin said...

Um...when you were sweating...I was just wondering...did you wear any deodorant today?

Very cool pics! Nick has great form--not that I would know--but I do flip past the golf channel now and then and see pros at work.

quilt'n mama said...

Ladybugs in the house & snakes on the golf course! We found a baby snake the other day while working on some landscaping, thankfully I picked up the brick and not one oft he kids. I'm really glad he was chilly too and not moving too fast, I actually think it was shock of some crazy lady and her kids hollering... so I got a long stick and promptly sent him to the neighbor's yard... I hope he stays there!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sally- That Girl! said...

One of my favorite things to do is watch Kevin thinking out on the golf course. I love when he squats down and analyzes how he is going to get that little ball into that little hole.

And as far as the snake, I think I would have ruined every golfers swing from my screaming!!!

Off to watch kev tomorrow he made the cut offs for a tourney he is in with over 200 golfers from all over the world. He is in 10th right now! Can't wait! Then rushing home for Mr. B's 6 month post placement! Can't believe it!!

Anonymous said...

That snake looks huge! Eww! Kansas does make pretty golf courses.

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