Saturday, May 23, 2009

Princess Lucy

Late this morning, Lucy and I climbed back into bed together to get cozy-cozy.
We watched her shows (of course).
Then she announced that she wanted some bed.

Well, la-dee-da!

Though I almost daily had breakfast in bed before Lucy came into our lives,
I haven't had that luxury since this spit-fire has been home.
So I'm not so sure where she got the idea.
Apparently she knows how a princess should be treated.

The infamous scrunchy face photo
(and note she has the remote in hand....)

As requested, she got a fried egg.
And I added some banana slices w/ chocolate sauce.


Almost one year after leaving her orphan life behind....
she's soaking up the good life. And rightfully so.


Karen said...

Yummm breakfast in bed. I am actually to worried to eat mine in bed. I don't want to spill anything on my sheets:-) So when I get breakfast in bed (on Mothers day) I take a bite then get up and join the family in the dining room. If only I could sit back and enjoy it like Lucy.....

Jen said...

Ok Lori, I just added you to my follower list. I am really hoping I didn't mess things up for you. I remember reading a post where you added yourself as a follower because you didn't like.....odd numbers. Man I hoping it was odd numbers because if it were even numbers, I really just messed it all up!!! LOL

Miss Lucy is SURE one lucky little girl!!! Breakfast in bed WITH CHOCOLATE bananas!!!! WOW!

Jean said...

She is one smart girl!! Yeah Lucy!!

Eggs, bananas and chocolate sauce?? Oh my!
Blessings from MN,

Karin said...

She is tooo cute. I am really happy to know that banana's with chocolate sauce can be considered a meal side dish. YUM!!

Sarah Dawn said...

What a beautiful picture of a little princess assuming the role God intended for her all along.

Waiting to treat our princesses the same,
Sarah Dawn

Holly said...

Oh my. I'm not sure there is a cuter human being out there. And you are quite right. That breakfast in bed is well deserved!

Stacy said...

Breakfast in bed, sounds great! But let me warn you just wait until she is 9. Lucy reminds me so much of Madelyn at that age. We call Madelyn the Empress. GOOD LUCK it is an adventure with these little girls.

quilt'n mama said...

Can I come have breakfast in bed at your house? Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Well bless her heart! Like Mother, Like Daughter - I would say. :) Kelly should not be surprised by that request. Hee, Hee. J/K

She's a keeper!


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