Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outside Fun.....and other things

Yesterday was a most glorious day! No, we didn't receive notice of our LID....double g-rrrr. Tomorrow will be a month since our dossier was sent. I won't lie...I'm frustrated and disappointed but I know it will come. Perhaps today.

Anyway, yesterday was so beautiful outside and Nick had a golf tournament so Lucy and I were free to do as we pleased. I really wanted to sit behind my sewing machine and finally make throw pillows for our bed so I can finally be done with it all (and get some pics for you of our pretty new bedroom).....but with it being so nice outside I thought it would be cruel to make Miss Lucy Bug stay indoors.

Unfortunately, since our boys haven't been little for quite some time we no longer have a swing set...so Lucy (at least for now) is limited to riding her bike and scooter. We are working on getting a swing set (if we ever get paid the huge amount that a certain builder owes us...I hope he is reading this. A little girl's swing set is at stake here Mr. V).

Here are some pics........

Ok, this isn't a pic of us playing outside but it's just so darn cute I had to include it!

YIPPEE, it's Spring!!!

Yes, Lucy is texting...really texting.

Problem is....she can't spell. So if you get a text with the entire alphabet in random order....it's your friend Lucy saying, "Hey what doin?'"

It takes a very secure woman to post a pic this close-up....but Lucy and I take pictures of ourselves all the time and I think it's cute....but I'm not about to do anything bigger than the smallest possible. :)


Follow-up from yesterday......Your comments made me laugh. Tracy, I'm so glad you enjoyed B's pics as much as I did!! They truly portray his personality....Holly, he is only 16!! NO 20 year old girls for my baby!! :)

If you haven't already noticed, there is a poll to vote on your favorite name for Shu Li. I recently learned (from some girls who have been adopted from SL's orphanage) that the kids aren't attached to the English names they are given there. SO....though we will still let SL have the option to keep the name Katie (though I really want to make it Kate), we will also give her another option. So vote for the ones you like!!


JR said...

Hey Lori,
Yesterday when I was checking in on your blog I noticed the voting section for Shu Li's name. It's interesting that "Macy" is one of your choices because that's one of the top names for our granddaughter who is due on July 7. I don't think I ever heard that name before (besides Macy's the store, that is!) I like the name Macy for our grandbaby.......why wouldn't I? The other option is Genevieve (yuck!).

Thanks for the pics of Lucy - she is the cutest girl ever!!

Still praying in Durango for your journey to SL!

Donna said...

Hi, I voted, but I would like to vote for letting Shu Li help decide her name since she is older. :) How exciting it would be to be able to pick your name! LOL

Debby said...

How old is Shu Li?

We have a swing set in our backyard...we'd be happy to share..we are in FL though.....

Cute pictures...yes, even the one of you & Lucy!!

Jaime said...

i'm very impressed that you posted the self portrait. i typically refuse to. maybe if i remember to make it small, then i could.
man! i would love a swingset for jax! but we'd have to leave it whenever we moved... unless we took it down and reassembled it.hmmm. that's and idea. okay, i'm going to go vote!

Anonymous said...


that picture of lucy is tooooo cute! She's going to be a chef! Maybe when I come home to visit I can give her some lessons. Sorry, but I won't be baking, (remember, I'm like Rachael Ray....NO BAKING HERE)

Maybe I can teach Lucy the ins and outs of cooking with couscous??? :D :D

Oh and I always beat you to the punch on commenting on Britt's blog because she texts me after she posts and DEMANDS that I comment. :P

she's in the air force now, I don't want her coming to beat me up!

quilt'n mama said...

I totally missed that you are adopting again! I'd love to hear more! I'll be praying for your LID to come soon! Waiting is so hard, our journey to Nate was long but God was so faithful! Next week it will be 1 year ago that we first saw his sweet face! Thanks for stopping by and comments on my blog:)

Mom Of Many said...

Did you happen to notice that Lucy is alittle miffed since your post today? She took offense at your texting comment. Cause she IS spelling...you must not have the gift of interpretation - she spelling in tongues and wanted me to tell you - so please say you're sorry and be done with it, k?

BTW, I am shocked that you don't have LID yet - and I thought our agency was pokey...that is too weird! Please text me when you get it, okay. I am praying we overlap in China together, so just maybe!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I can't believe you don't have LID yet either, but just remember God has it all perfectly timed out for you and SL!! I think it would be so awesome if you and Linn en dup there together. I am praying for that!!!!

I think Lucy would be the perfect mate for Bryson!!! When are you coming to California??

Jean said...

Cute, cute pics of your sweet baby Lucy and of the two of you!!! I love your driveway- it is peaceful, meandering and lovely!!

We don't have a swingset either and I want one so bad! It may have to wait until next year, or the next year, or the next year, bummer. I didn't see a voting spot but I will check again- I love voting on names! She won't have a clue which name she likes or doesn't like- you should pick a name that your family likes and that will help you with bonding.

Love your post!!

Sooner Girl said...

Boomer Sooner!

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