Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuteness and other Greatness

Since some of you may be new to my blog, I thought I would give you a quick summary of our next adoption.

**We are adopting a 13 year old girl from Ch*na!! We MUST travel BEFORE her 14th birthday in October. I know that seems like a long way off but TRUST me, if you are not familiar with the adoption process....this isn't much time at all.

**Her Chinese name is Shu Li. She has the American name Katie but we have been told that the kids at her orphanage go by their Chinese names and that the American name is not used often.

**We love the name Katie but already have two Katies "in" our family (long story, but they are estranged). There are some name associations with us so we hope to name her something else. BUT we will give her a couple of options (including Katie, or Kate) and let her choose. We will keep her Chinese name as her middle name....unless she wants to use it as her first. Make sense??

**We are waiting to hear what our LID is. Seriously, it's just got to come today!!

**Though I will update our adoption progress on this blog, we also have an adoption blog HERE.


What is one of the top things good Mama's do??

BRAG about their kids!!!

So if you don't mind, let me do that for just a minute or two, k?

BRENDEN.....This kid is amazingly smart. He loves to write and as funny as he is, he only writes serious stories. He recently submitted a short story to an academic meet and got a 97% on it!! Now it will move on to the regional level!!! He wants me to post his story on my blog but is afraid someone will steal it! :) We are working on getting it copywrited. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis and I think his own writing reflects that style. Which for me is often too deep to understand! :)

NICK......This kid is my athlete. He is in 8th grade but is on the high school VARSITY golf team. And yesterday in a tournament of almost 50 boys....HE TIED FOR FIRST PLACE!!!!! Woo hoo! Watch out Tiger!!!

LUCY......this girl holds the cuteness crown in our family. And continues to grow in that cuteness daily. Yesterday she decided it was a good idea to "make dinner" in our entry way. The perfect place for cooking and dining, don't ya think?

It was at this point that I told Lucy it was time to pick everything up and it it back in her little kitchen.

But this is what I found moments after my clean-up announcement....

A little rumbling after my statement..."Where is Lucy?"

Not being able to keep a secret for she comes!

And as Lucy always says, "Here I ham!!"

Here is Lucy....devastated that I am making her pick her stuff up.

And did she put it all away?

Here is how it sits as of this writing.

Miss Lucy's cuteness has not helped her in getting her favorite Barney video taken away from her until she gets her stuff cleaned up.


Jaime said...

barney? really?

JR said...

You have such awesome kids! Good job, Mom & Dad!! You must both be so proud of them!

And I agree with you....that Lucy just keeps getting cuter! I especially enjoyed the "dinner party" in the hallway!

Chris said...

Dinner looked so good...and you mean mommy want her to clean it up??
Our entry way is usually the site for "church" and all the baby strollers and pack n play. Daddy gets very irritated when he needs to step over things to go up the stairs.

Brag away mom! How's the new job doing?

Nancy said...

Sounds like you (or Lucy) have met your match.

Patty said...

Taking Barney away seems like a reward to me LOL!! Come on LID, today today!!!!!! And these Fu girls really ARE the cutest aren't they.........

Debby said...

Thanks for all of the kiddo updates Lori........

I know things are alot different now, but when I adopted Jami (WC) in LID was mid May & we flew HOME from China on Oct 1.

Still. I know why you are anxious to be in there!!

(NOw, from the Lucy a Fu? A Fuling Fu or a Fuzhou Fu??)

Sally- That Girl! said...

You have such a nice family with one more beauty on the way!! You are reaping the benefits of your great parenting!!!

Amy said...

You have some SERIOUS braggin' rights there, Mama! I say, brag away with pride!

Gracie loved Lucy's hallway cooking pics...especially the hidden toes in trouble! (I - Gracie - wrote this part :)

My vote is for Elizabeth Shu Li. Gracie's going with Molly Shu Li. Whichever name you and she choose will be beautiful!

Hugs and Prayers,
Amy (and Gracie!) ;)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

I love your family.

Jean said...

I'm comin over for Lucy's dinner!! I'm sure she is a much better cook than me! Did you really take away Barney? Yikes- that's harsh!

Love hearing about your kids!! They are wonderful!
Congrats to them- wow- varsity golf and writing stories that are winning awards- too cool!
Blessings from MN,

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