Monday, April 27, 2009

Homeschool Blues....anyone else??

I gotta admit....I'm as burned out on homeschooling as my student is. We are in the final stretch, which should mean that we are gearing up to end strong. I'm pooped, Nick is pooped.

We finished English for the year, thankfully. But now there's the rest of the subjects. **sigh** I've decided that instead of cramming it all in before the end of the year, we will just continue it next year. Little does my pupil realize, we are starting earlier than usual next fall (late summer actually). But for now, we are still plugging away it it....sorta.

Anyway, I know there are a lot of homeschoolin' Mamas out there in Blogville. How are you feeling this time of year?? Your venting is safe here! :)


Liz Tolsma said...

Oh, yes. I'm so ready to be done with school. I want to sleep in. I want to work out in my yard. I want to read a book. And not a literary classic, but a good Christian romance. An escape novel. I know I'm not even teaching much/well right now. And I've despaired of finishing some of our text books. They'll get it again, anyway - I hope!

Shonni said...

I am SOOO ready to finish also. They're doing's just me...I want to do some other things that I like to do, but I'm to tired in the afternoon by the time we finish school and clean up from lunch...then it's time for supper and bed. So YEP...I understand. Boy, it feels nice to share that and know that other mothers are feeling this way also!

jan said...

that photo is hilarious! when did you sneak in and take my picture?

i would say ask my kids how we are doing....but my spirit might not be strong enough to withstand what they would say :)

they are walking birthday cupcakes down to a friend right now -- that counts as ministry, P.E., and home ec. right? so i guess we are done for the day :)

Jean said...

I love what Jan said!! Yes that works for me!!

I can't even think bout being done because I was going to do it right through the summer... but then I could see myself burning out in October, hmmmm. I better rethink this!

She is doing so good I don't want her to forget everything plus I am anxious to finish 1st grade math and move on to 2nd. Oh my I definitely am thinking tooo grand a thoughts. Whoa nelly , take it easy, huh!

I finally voted for Shu Li's name- just couldn't make up my mind until now!


Hezra said...

so glad to know I am not the only one. We are going year round here tryingto catch each kid up in their certain subjects. ones math, another reading. . .etc I am exhausted and they are not liking me forcing math on them like this. I feel like I must look like that picture. But right now, we are watching a movie and I am drowning my sorrows in coffee. . .

Lacy said...

I am glad I'm not alone. I think we are going to have to school in the summer to get caught up. We also just started division here. Please pray for me it is going to be a LONG summer.

As a testament to how my school year is going- we have a field trip planned to the zoo tomorrow and it is supposed to rain. Rain boots, umbrellas and jackets... We are getting out of this house!!!

quilt'n mama said...

I am struggling with school too! We took an extra long break when we were in China to bring Nate home in January and for a couple of weeks after we got home, then add in Christmas... it will be the end of June before we are done:(
The kids love it though and keep asking for work work:)
I am looking forward to the homeschool conference I go to each year the end of May, hoping it will recharge me and that I can make some good decisions about school plans for the fall:)
ps- thanks for stopping by my blog today:)

Karen said...

I'm okay with continuing school through part of the summer since we have taken quite a few "mini" breaks (China, new brother, Disney, etc:-) I am however stressed about getting their required standardized testing done. If it didn't have a deadline it wouldn't be so bad, but it's hard to expect your child to score high on a test when you haven't worked on all the skills yet. Ugh! We've got to start earlier next year!

Nancy said...

You know I am a retired teacher and still have many friends and family members that continue in that profession. And let me tell you...they are all done!!! With kids, grading AND with other teachers. So don't dismay. This, too, shall pass.

Holly said...

Wow, I have been thinking the SAME THING!! I am so ready to be done. But it's mainly because we have been studying the human body ALL YEAR, and I am really sick of the subject (not that it isn't amazing, but still.) And the boys are soooo ready to be done that it makes it such a chore every day to get them motivated. But we'll just keep plugging along I suppose. I remind myself that every kid in the school system and every teacher is probably ready to be done too.

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