Monday, April 27, 2009

Cheap Wine and Pickles



*Our Weekend*

Well, was boring and uneventful, which is really the way I like it. Saturday morning I worked on my throw-pillows for our bed. I'm oh-so-close to taking some pictures but, ummmm, K-man still needs to hang my curtains. *waiting, waiting*

Saturday afternoon I went to my parents' house because Nick has a mowing job set up with their neighbors. So while he mowed, I just hung out at in my parents' empty house (remember, they are on a much-deserved cruise). I was a little (a lot) annoyed at how clean my mom left her house. It's quite clear that she doesn't have a toddler living there to make sure clutter is strewn about. And darn it, I left Lucy at home with K-man so I wasn't even able to leave behind evidence of my wonder-tot. Next time.

My mom is an exceptional decorator. They have a simple home but each room is beautifully adorned with her special touch. Every shelf, wall, dresser top has beautiful vases, pictures, and other things she finds at a bargain (she also loves to shop and finds the most wonderful things). Their bedroom looks like a presidential suite in a fine hotel. Their guest bedroom looks like a cozy room in a quaint New England bed and breakfast. Every room is exquisite.

So having said all of that, you will understand why I literally laughed out loud when I looked in the refrigerator to find a snack....sure that, knowing my mom, I would find some delicious delicacies that she prepared for their return. But no. The refrigerator was almost empty...with the usual staples scattered here and there. Except....the top shelf........all alone sat....

A Giant jug of cheap wine and a jar of pickles.
Oh my gosh she's gonna kill me!!


Saturday afternoon/evening we were dodging tornadoes. Seriously, I love these storms!! No, I don't wish any harm or damage on anyone as a result....I just can't help but love the roaring thunder....high winds....side-ways rain. Love it!

K-man storm-chasing!



Every Sunday the boys go to out to lunch and hang out with their friends.
But yesterday they were both home!
Ahhhh. That makes this Mama so happy!!

Best buddies! Lucy was SO HAPPY the boys were home too!!


Jaime said...

the jar of pickles looked like only 1 pickle was left!!!!! what a combo. and i can't believe you like the storms. i like the sideways rain and the smell... but the thunder and winds make me cry. (i'm a sissy that way.)

Holly said...

Why have a stayed away so long??! As usual, fun stuff going on at your house, Lori! : )

Nancy said...

Don't sell yourself short...looks like you got the decorating gene from your mother. I love storms, too.

Hezra said...

oh yeah your moms gonna kill ya. It was nice knowing you. lol I was so hoping you ould et picsof her pretty HOUSE!

Karin said...

I love storms, too! Strangely, my kids are utterly terrified of them. I am cracking up over your annoyance at your mom's clean house. haha You would feel no annoyance if you came to mine. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

I am happiest when my kids are all at home. I feel like I can just breathe easier!
Cute picture with Lucy in the red tub! Love those older brothers!!

Lori Anne said...

Thank you MY sweet friend!
40 is fun, 40 is fun, 40 is fun... When? ;)

Lori Anne

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