Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hola! Doughnut Confession and Buttered Toast......

First, I must confess something....I just ate a doughnut that I told myself I.WAS.NOT.going to eat. AND if that's not bad enough (seriously, everyone needs a doughnut once in a while), I had one before going to bed last night. It was soooo yummy going down but now I feel like I have a brick in my belly. And since I've had two now...a wall is being constructed in there. **sigh** and I wonder why I'm putting on the pounds! Just a few short years ago I would have been horrified by the thought of eating one of those disgusting (yummy, delicious) artery clogging (melt-in-your-mouth), sinfully fried (covered in heavenly chocolate), calorie packed (there's always the treadmill) breakfast dessert. But my standards have slipped.

Ok, now I feel better.


Lucy has this new thing she is saying. When she is trying to get our attention she will say,

"Hey, Mom....Mom....MOM. HELLO?"



Apparently she feels the need to shift languages to get me to look at her. Why she doesn't use her native language, I'm not sure. Maybe because her beloved Barney taught her the Spanish greeting. Come on Barney.....let's also try some Mandarin, k?


Yesterday we stopped by my parents' house to say good-bye since they are leaving for a cruise today (I'm soooo *jealous*!). I was trying to explain to Lucy that they are going on a vacation (she wasn't getting it at all).

So, knowing that she would understand going on an airplane I started with that. However after that her focus switched.

Just hearing airplane gripped her attention. She looked up and said, "Ninny's going on an airplane to get Shu Li??!!!"

Oh how I wish. She was disappointed when I told her no. And I was too. :(


And lastly....I'm happy to say that the kitchen saga has drawn to an end.

Lucy got her stuff back and HAPPILY and EAGERLY put it all away.

Aahhh. Success.

My thoughts on this......

*Never threaten something you aren't going to follow through with.
*Never bluff (lie). They will call it every time. And no trust is built.
*Pick your battles wisely.

Thankfully 16+ years of parenting has given me a bit of wisdom along with crow's feet.

And it appears I still have some work cut out for me because Brenden asked me this morning if it would be a bad idea to butter his bread before putting it in the toaster. My sincere apologies to his future wife.


Sally- That Girl! said...

Confession Saturday!!! I have a hidden bag of reeces peanut butter eggs in my room. I decided the kids didn't need that much chocolate for Easter so I kept them to give out later as special treats.

I guess I deserved a special treat last night as I tiptoed into my closet, quietly unwrapped the foil on each egg and ate three in the closet.

I don't even like chocolate!

Like you a few years ago that would have disgusted to me eat them.

Not to make you feel bad, but a doughnut really is pushing the limit and then TWO!!!!

Okay, now I feel better about the three chocolate eggs or was that really five???

Brittne said...

That is too funny about B wanting to butter his bread before toasting! Jon once did that and I just about died!

Nancy said...

Jean said in her post that you are really tiny, don't beat yourself up over that donut. On another note, have you heard from Linn? She hasn't posted since Wed.

Jean said...

Well, I'm feeling much better! Everybody is fessin up! I sneak Ben and Jerry's ice cream when the kids aren't looking and I brought home so much fudge from Florida my suitcase went over the weight limit- okay JK with that one but I did have a stash- it's gone now ;-)


Lori, go ahead and have a third!

Tracy said...

Hey you may have started something that I dont know if I am particularly fond of...CONFESSION SATURDAY!
Ok well since we are all confessing, Last night after all of my grandbabys left, kids and hubby were in bed, I snuck into the kitchen, opened the freezer and found the chocolate chip cookie dough icecream...not just ANY chocolate chip cookie dough icecream, but the LOADED kind.
This happened to be the same icecream that I had turned down earlier while everyone else was having some. I remember because my oldest daughter looked at me like I was some kind of Super Hero,and I have to admit I felt like a Super Hero. I had the ability to fight off the urge to have a taste. I WAS PROUD! And to tell you the truth I really didn't want it at the time...UNTIL!!! the house was quiet, and then It was like the icecream took over my thoughts, they just came from out of no where, it was calling to me, and I couldnt shut it up. I tried to ignore it...I opened the freezer...shut the freezer...opened the freezer....walked away from the freezer...Im sorry, but when you got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Icecream callin for you, It is really difficult to just say No, and on top of that I am a non confrontational person and I just wasn't up for a fight. So I gave in...yes I was week, but I only had one teeny weeny small bowl, Not THREE or FIVE chocolates, and not TWO donuts. Nope just one lonely bowl. HEE,HEE. Have a great day.

Jaime said...

Haha! You need to give Brendan some "Life Skills" lessons on cooking! that's hilarious.
and i'm taking oyur parenting advice to heart. actually, more to paper to stick on the fridge and remind me.

Chris said...

You're right on the parenting advice, the thing is to REMEMBER!

Don't tell Brendan...I've stuck buttered toast back in the toaster to reheat...nothing happened. I've been know to put a knife in the toaster too...(I unplug it first)
Rats I don't have a confession, probably cause we don't have any donuts or c.chip cookie dough ice cream. I did eat a big piece of strawberry pie (fruit right?)

Lacy said...

I have a bag of whopper eggs in the freezer in my garage. I have made a few late night trips to the garage while the rest of the family was sleeping. Since my family is eating no processed foods I feel really bad. I hope I don't get caught:)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

haha, my friend did that; buttered toast before he toasted it. Everyone laughed at him. lol

Debby said...

Lol...That parenting stuff is what happens around here quite often. I always follow through, because it irks me to hear hollow threats. Consequently, I have to "think" about my punishments (if more than a time out), so that's it's something we can ALL live with.
Lindsi is my Fu from Fuzhou. Adopted in 2003 & just about to turn 7. Fun to discover a FU sister in Lucy!! Do you know about LaLaFulooza???

Tony and Rett said...

LOVED this post!!!

1. Donuts are great. But then again, that's why I look like I do!

2. Hola is TOO cute coming out of her mouth! Barney, not so much.

3. Kitchen problem...solved. Good job, Mom!

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