Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LID and other mysteries

Well, let's get you up-to-date here:

Still no LID.

You are updated.

Let's examine the facts a bit and throw around our ideas and opinions.

First, let me start with this....though I have brief moments of panic, I'm very much at peace over not hearing a peep from the CCA*. Yep, I really am. God is in control. And His hand is on our dossier at every step, no doubt about it. I think what we fail to realize sometimes....is that when things don't happen as quickly as we would like, it's actually God working behind the scenes making sure things happen just as they should in just the right timing. And though my heart's desire is to travel early in the summer....I truly want what God wants. And perhaps His plan is different than mine.....because He knows the BEST way. I'm soooo good with that!

That being said, we were DTC on March 25. And short of something bad happening to our dossier along the way (I'm refusing to go there), we likely DO have an LID around April 8. We just haven't been notified of it.

I have heard that it can take up to 6-8 weeks to get notice of an LID.....and occasionally, you don't receive notice of it at all (if you are one those...please let me know! It would be encouraging to me!).

So I'm choosing to believe that our dossier is logged-in and already setting on someone's desk....and dare I say, already being reviewed!! AND....my other fantasy thought is that.....we will get our approval soon!

Ok, the title of this post also includes other mysteries. Hmmmm, can't think of any at the moment. I just needed a catchy title. I will certainly report to you any mysteries that pop up later in my day.


Tony and Rett said...

1. I used Ronald Reagan's quote that you posted as my FB update. Thanks for sharing that...it's SO true!

2. Kairos...it's all about Kairos... Google it. God's quality of time. Not quantity of time. A tough concept to wrap our minds around, but one I remember on a daily basis. QUALITY of time. :)

She'll be home soon!

Mandi said...

Praying that you hear SOMETHING soon. Maybe you will skip right over the LID and go straight to LOA. With our first adoption, we never received a PA, talk about nerve racking.


Jaime said...

God's timing.... it's s tricky thing to come to terms with. i struggle with it daily. though i acknowledge that it is His timing and His plan, I still struggle.

Debby said...

I so hope you get this soon. You & a dear friend of mine who has been waiting SO VERY L O N G for a referral.........

It is hard many days to not just want to scream I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

But the time line when you look back will make the story yours.


Jean said...

It took us a month to hear when our LID was- it ended up to be 10 days after our DTC. You will find out - it probably is about the time you think- but waiting is hard. That little bit of info- like an LID is so encouraging to hear and would make the wait less painful.

I love your quotes!! All the answers are there!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Hey there. I know you got my votes but I was happy to see that Molly and Elizabeth are my favorites as we are going to do Julianne Elizabeth if we were so lucky to get a little girl. Can't wait to see pics of your new little angle!!!!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

We know God has His plan and it may be different than our own, but we are just asking for LID! It would be so comforting to know you have it! I am with ya sista!

CC aa we are all waiting!!!!!!! Kaity Macy Molly Elizabeth Shu Li just needs to come home!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Lori -

I agree with you. Currently our homestudy items have been into our homestudy agency for several weeks now, but we have not received our final copy. We have also tried to lock in four different children - all unsuccessfully I might add! It so drives me nuts, but then I have to remember it is GOD's timing not my own! He knows when we need to be ready for OUR child. Praying for God's timing for you, too! Hang in there!!

Janet and Kevin

quilt'n mama said...

We'll be praying for your LID and that everything comes together for your sweet girl in God's perfect timing. If you go back in our blog last year, you can see our journey to Nate. We were LID in April '07, Accepted his referral a year ago, yesterday, thinking we would travel by the Olympics or right after. Everyone on out "timeline did." We did not, the road got bumpy, the wait long, but GOD was so faithful! He taught me so much while waiting... missing Nate's 2nd birthday (they had assured us he'd be home by then... Through it all, I truly learned that my children are all His, I can pray all day for them, hope for great things, have my desires for them as a mommy, my timeline, etc. but when it's all said and done... God is their Heavenly Father, he knows their every move, He holds them tight.
I know the song, While I'm Waiting (John Waller), is about marriage in the movie Fireproof, but it really because special to us while we were waiting & praying Nate home...
It talks about Hope, acknowledges that waiting is painful, but encourages patience. When we are obeying the Lord, serving and worshipping Him, He gives us the strength to run the race!
My prayer is that everything goes quickly for you and that no matter what the distance of the race!
Praying for you!

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