Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Encounter with a Favorite Blog Friend!

You know how we tell our kiddos to be oh-so-careful with who they are talking to online? How we harp on them over and over of the dangers to be in contact with someone you don't REALLY know.....

Well many of you will remember that we (the responsible harping parents...with kids in tow), broke those rules when we visited our now GREAT friends, the Saunders. What a blessing this sweet family has been to us!!

Ummm well....we are at it again. Yep, we are going to dinner tonight with one of my blogging buddies!! Jean and her family are in town for a soccer tournament and so...we simply MUST get together to meet face to face!! Funnier still is that my hubby agreed to go along with these meetings....he isn't the most social guy, ESPECIALLY with people he doesn't know. But truth be told....he kinda does "know" them because he had been following Linn's blog when we went to see them and now he also follows Jean's blog. If he denies that, I'm here to tell you that it's true.

So I'm a little we are going on a blind date or something. What if they don't like us...what if they think we are crazy rednecks? And wouldn't you know...I have a horrible self-induced haircut at the moment. UGH.


Yesterday while Nick was at his golf lesson I did a little shopping and bought Lucy a new swim suit. When I got home with it she was so excited (though she was a little confused since she already has one from last year....the girl is still learning. More than one of any article of clothing is a must Lucy!). For the rest of the day she kept saying, "Mommy bought me a new swim soup!" Oh my, too cute!! I'm a stickler about pronouncing things correctly to her but it's really hard not to want to call it a swim soup as's just too cute!

Nick's quilt is DONE!!!! I pulled it out of the dryer early this morning, went downstairs to his room to cover him up with it so he would wake up to it!! Sooo, since he is still asleep I will take pics later and post them once he's up!!


Nancy said...

How could Jean not like you? I've never met you, but through your blog, I can tell you are awesome. Have a great dinner and be sure to blog about it.

Brittne said...

Haha I need a new "swim soup" too!!

Can't wait to see pictures of Nick's quilt!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

OH you are going to love Jean!!!! She is just as she is on her blog, but better in person!!!

Just wish we were there too!!! How fun would that be!

Jean said...

That is so funny- I am so nervous too but after ruining the teams uniforms- I am figuring nothing more will go wrong today!

Hubby is really looking forward to this- my cyper world is becoming real!!

We have spent the day in the pouring rain watching soccer games. I have a unwritten rule I get ready once a day - no time for primping (sp?). So we will be coming as is!! ;-)

Looking forward to this eve!!

quilt'n mama said...

I love this post.... when we were in China the first time, we kept running families I had "met" online. My hubby kept giving me a hard time saying "oh was that" I became a big joke. Our 2nd adoption trip to China, he met up with the kids and I after we had been in China week. There was some confusion on his arrival and we missed him at the airport... anyway... he had flown to China on the same flight as I family that the wife and I had become friends online and they were adopting from the same province... he ended up sitting next to them on the flight and now he's thankful for all my ""'s because he went to their hotel and got to sleep that night and we found him the next morning:) We ended up being great friends with this family and are so thankful for God's way of starting friendships:)
Glad your families had a great time, it's fun seeing all the pictures:)

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