Sunday, October 12, 2008

Colorado Fun!

We are having an absolute blast here in Durango! The weather yesterday was really blustery. We walked around downtown just a bit and then met up with Linn and her older kids, Graham and Emma, so all the kids could go ice-skating. They had such a great time!

Emma, Nick, Graham & Brenden lookin' downright Olympic-ish!

Remember that episode of The Andy Griffith Show where that guy comes to town and he knows everything about everybody in town and everyone is thinking he is really creepy because no one has a clue who he is or how he knows so much....then it turns out that he knows all these specifics because he has been getting the Mayberry newspaper & has thoroughly read up on his favorite town & its people? Well, that's sorta how I felt last night when we went to Linn & Dwight's house for dinner...though I had never met them in person, I felt like I already knew them, even what their house looks like from from what I have read on Linn's blog. You would think it would have been super awkward but we quickly felt at ease in their cozy log cabin and they were so hospitable and the friendliest folks you could ever meet. We had a great dinner and delicious pies for dessert that Emma made. The kids all got along great and we enjoyed such sweet fellowship. I feel so bad that I didn't get any pics of all the other kids, but Lucy and Isaiah were so stinkin' cute together that's all I was focused on!

Isaiah & Lucy...too, too cute!!!
Isaiah's mouth full of whipped cream!

This morning we went to church where Linn & Dw pastor. It was so exciting and we felt right at home. Then afterwards we went to lunch with them at an awesome Mexican restaurant.

So who knows what tomorrow will bring...we will probably take a day-trip somewhere. Right now I'm really ready for my Sunday afternoon nap right now so I better go!

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Jean said...

That is so great that you two could get together!! It is so cool!! I love seeing you two in the same picture!! Isaiah and Lucy are adorable together!
Have fun!!

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