Saturday, October 11, 2008

Arctic Front

My brilliance and motherly instincts work even in the wee hours of the morning as I awoke at 2 AM to discover that it was freezing in our pull-around-condo. We apparently forgot to turn on the furnace so I pondered how I would stealthly turn the furnace on without turning on any lights or disturbing my deep-in-slumber family. I really should have been a Marine because despite the darkness, I improvised and got it going without incident. So with the little heater in our room going, keeping K, Lucy and me warm and cozy, the furnace was now also keeping my big boys warm.

So you will understand my complete confusion when I got up early this morning after hearing my coffee pot pleading for attention, to find that even though our room was toasty, an Arctic front had moved in on the lower half where the fellas were sleeping. I hadn't turned on the furnace afterall....I turned on the air conditioner!!! So as of right now, the furnace is going strong, making for a more tropical climate in hopes that when the guys wake up they don't accuse me of trying to inflict frost-bite on them. I'll let you know.

More later...stay tuned.


Lynsay said...

what cracks me up is you have internet access even though you are CAMPING!!! Wow, now that is something I could get on board with!

Lori Anne said...

Glad you made it without incident. If you're able, would you send a little of that cooler weather this way? I can't even buy a pumpkin yet 'cause the heat will kill it in a matter of hours...
Hope you're having a wonderful time!
~Lori Anne

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