Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Road Again...

This is REALLY long because until now I haven’t had internet connection. So I’ve just been jotting down my little thoughts as we roll down the road. So, make sure you’ve got chicken set out to thaw for dinner, grab some coffee, a scone (blueberry, please), sit down for a spell and follow along!

Thursday Night…
We are deep into the Kansas plains, heading toward the sunset, which is gorgeous! As true to our unintentional tradition, we are making horrible time as we inch our way closer to Colorado.
Upon leaving our house early this afternoon (much later than we planned…again, just like us to be off target), I announced that we hadn’t yet had lunch so we would need to stop. Great, says our chauffer (annoyed only because he did eat). So within an hour of being on the road we stopped at the always delicious (not) McD’s We got it to go since the big man was ready to hit the pavement. As I dug into the bag, passing out the burgers (side note: Brenden ate THREE double cheeseburgers! That’s just gross), I quickly discovered that they hadn’t put my Big Mac in (which I should have taken as a sign that I didn’t need it anyway!), so I ran back in & got my calorie-packed dinner. With my much regretted, double-digit fat gram lunch now under my belt (and forever on my rear-end), we finally got going.

I am really surprised by how well Lucy has done thus far. As we prepared for our trip, we even considered not going just because all I could think about was Lucy’s episode on the plane from Chicago to home. But since then, she has come a long way, baby!
We stopped at a Wal Mart and hopped into our trailer for a delicious dinner of bbq brisket that I had made in advance. Mmmm! But because my brain doesn’t function on a level in which would help things run smoothly, we found that the brisket was sitting comfortably in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. Super-duper. So we had cold sandwiches. Oh yeah, and I forgot to bring bread (of course I did) Thankfully just outside our door was the life-saving Super Center. **sigh**

Dinner...and silliness on the trek to Colorado!

We FINALLY reached our night’s destination in East Colorado around 11:30 PM, completely wiped out. But once we got things set up, we were all starving and Lucy was wired! We ate the now partially thawed brisket (which was SO yummy!!), and watched some TV then finally went to bed.

So now it’s Friday morning (I’m pretty sure) and I’m up with the chickens, just had my coffee and am enjoying a great episode of Star Trek (ok, I’m enduring it actually). We will be getting on the road soon and the second leg of our drive-time will be very enjoyable as we see the beauty of Colorado.

Are you still reading this?? Wow, you must really be bored to be hanging on this long. Saturday night we are having dinner at our great new online friends, Dwight & Linn! Yes, that’s right…we are meeting up with folks we met on the internet. Doing exactly what we have endlessly warned our children against. But, I can assure you that if you have read any of Linn’s blog, you would agree that she is one classy chick who loves the Lord. So don’t worry, all is good and it will be a blast I’m sure!!

Friday night….
We are finally at our final destination! Right now we are just hanging out watching TV with the cool Colorado breeze streaming through our temporary homestead. It’s so awesome! I’m worn out so I better go for now & will post more tomorrow!

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Mom Of Many said...

You have internet Chica! I am so glad you are (finally!) in picturesque Durango. We are stoked that tomorrow is the day that we can start playing together. Even Isaiah is excited that Lucy is from China...although I think he thinks that she came from China to see him (well she sort of did, sort of)....And just so you know...I was thinking I would get a pair of sunglasses for you to wear at the door so you don't notice the dust as easily, but then I got to thinkin' that probably duct tape would work better. Bummer if you have a unibrow as that stuff is nasty to pull off......

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