Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Ramblings

Oh I'm soooo glad it's Friday!! But listen, it didn't start so great little world was shaken (ever so slightly) when I woke up....dragged myself to the kitchen with just enough strength to push the ON button on my fancy shmancy coffee maker that K-man bought me a couple years ago. It grinds the beans just before brewing for the perfectly wonderful cup of coffee. But the grinder sounded like it had a small rodent stuck in it (ewww) so I turned it off really quick but then water started pouring out of it!!

My bleary-eyed state sobered quickly as I tried to get my two floating brain cells to come up with a plan B. Aahhh yes, my old coffee maker! I found it in my laundry room (along with filters, thank goodness) and ummm...noticed how incredibly dusty it was. Well look, at that point I was just downright desperate. I needed coffee and I needed it NOW. I wiped the dust off then just started it up (oh and don't worry...I pulled out my little grinder so I was still able to have freshly ground beans...I do have standards you know).

As old faithful was brewing I wondered to myself **self, if it was that dusty on the outside, dontcha think that the inside might have been a tad dirty as well?** No matter, I drank it anyway and it was delicious.

So, here's what today brings......We are oh-so-close to getting Nick's quilt done!! We hope to finish it up today. Pictures on the way once it's done.

Nick has his 2nd golf lesson at a MAJORLY exclusive private country club (ummm, look when I say exclusive, trust me....) that my sister gave him for Christmas. This kiddo is super excited and now that he has gotten a taste of the good courses for us normal folks is going to seem hum drum to him!

K-man is staying home today so he has arranged to get our septic tank pumped (try not to be too envious of our glamorous lives) and start painting our house!!! Yippee, I whole new color!!

Ok, I'm totally out of time here....I meant to post some pics but I gotta run!!

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Your morning coffee fix sounds as bad as mine! There is nothing better than the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, okay well maybe when it hits your taste buds and brain cells!

Waiting to see the quilt!

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