Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got Rim?

I just never know what my boys are going to do next. Their imaginations are vivid and I'm quite fearful now that B is driving because he has taken his antics on the road. I'm sure only years from now will I hear of some of the stunts he and his buddies have pulled. I do know that they went to W*l Mart one night to do a list of "25 Things to do at WM" that they found of Facebook. I'm not sure but I think they chickened out on most of them. WHEW!

Last night Nick was bored and got the brilliant idea to start up a b-ball game in our living room. And of course the (very amateur) photographer in me (and always desperate for blog material), I broke out my camera and got some awesome shots!

Shhh! K-man warned me not to get him in the picture! But look! There he is in his cowboy pajamas! Adorable!!

Looks like Lucy got a little more air than you Nick....

Ok, sorry this was so short but I need to clean my kitchen then head out to my women's Bible study. THEN, I have a webinar! What's that you ask? Well, I guess it's a modern day conference call via the internet. It is for the families adopting children from the Hope Project! I can't wait to chat with others adopting these older kiddos!

Have a super fun Wednesday!!


Holly said...

I didn't know Shu Li was from the Hope Project! What an awesome program that is!

Tony and Rett said...

I want to play!!!!

Nancy said...

Love the P.J.'s. Oops, should that be apostrophe S? I'm still on the grammar lesson. Must admit I didn't know about the 80s, 90s, etc.

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