Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Busy Spring Break Day

Well my ambition to have a fabulously made-over boudoir by the end of the week is fizzling quickly. I'm just pooped. And looking around at how my other household chores have gone undone makes me sink even deeper into despair. Oh well. What's a girl to do?

I am having coffee with two good friends and former clients of mine this morning and after that I'm heading back to the fabric store to make a final decision on pillow fabric. I hope that I will be energized after that and geared up for a second go at Operation Bedroom Makeover. As burned out as I already am with it....I can't walk away's completely a wreck and the only excuse I have is that I'm working on it. So I need to keep that verb in the present tense.

And if you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my final decision on my paint color...LaFonda Sagebrush it is. And I'm lovin' me some LaFonda! I tried it on a little section and it's gonna look delicious (thought it's a little dark...)! I will take pics once I'm all finished with it! I hope it all ties together nicely. I really, really hope.

How was my Webinar?? Ha. Considering there was no AUDIO, it was a waste of time! They gave us instructions to have a headset on and ready to chat & listen. There was some great information to READ. But no chatting with other families....turns out there was a glitch (really?) and thankfully it wasn't on my end.

Before all that nonsense began though I put the boys in charge of Lucy. I gave them stern instructions that I was NOT to be disturbed in my bedroom since I would be busy on my webinar (my spell check doesn't like that new word). I told them that they were the baby sitters and not parents....they weren't to teach her valuable lessons, just keep her quiet and happy at any cost (including candy, endless TV...whatever). So as I'm online trying to do this new up and coming way to communicate, I hear B say..."No Nick, don't shoot fireworks at it!" What's going on out there (I'm wondering)? And should I have put Lucy in charge of them instead of the other way around? **sigh** Since I wasn't smelling sulfur I assumed that no fireworks were being used as weapons. And it turns out that all was well (or they just hid the evidence convincingly well).

Call NOW and we will send you not one, but two...that's right TWO for the low price of $19.99! But WAIT! Call in the next ten minutes and we'll throw a third! All for the price of one! Operators are standing by... **You pay shipping and handling.
Zero shame, that's what that is. Sorry...I was bored during my web "chat" and snapped this pic of myself with my cell phone. Sad, really sad.


Brittne said...

Oh Oh I wanna buy some! Whatcha selling there?!

Jaime said...

awwww... yeah! La Fonda Sagebrush. I can hear the intro music playing. With a paint color like that, that bedroom should have lots of magic happening.
Can I just say I am so glad you picked the porn star paint color? I smile when I think about it!

Nancy said...

Once again you crack me up. I, too will buy whatever you are selling. Who could resist?

Hezra said...

are ya selling the boys? lol Good job on the bedroom color. I to think it sounds destined to be a love nest. ;-) makes me laugh every time I think of it. Drats and my bedroom is SWALLOWS nest! Darnit. So outdoorsy not love nesty. good thing its a pretty color. lol

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