Friday, March 20, 2009

Got Your Verse on Yet??

Seriously now. If you haven't ordered one of these fabulous tee-shirts for yourself yet, whatcha waitin' for?? I have this one that I'm pictured in (you have no idea how many pics were taken before I finally gave up and realized that I'm just not photogenic). I also have one pre-ordered. I seriously plan to own each and everyone of them. So, chop chop! Order yours today!!
I had a wonderful visit with my good friends yesterday. I had told Lucy that one of them had a baby so that made her super excited to go have coffee with Mama & her friends. What I failed to remember was grow. The last time I saw my friend Carrie and her little guy, he was quite...little. So when she walked in and he wasn't in a little baby carrier as I fully expected (I'm such a ding bat...but you know that by now), I was quickly explaining to Lucy that this little boy....who was almost her size (he's a big 2 year old), was the baby I was talking about. *sigh* And he even knew his alphabet (and could recognize each and every letter). So he was not only huge but smart too. Thank goodness he still had a pacifier because that gave Lucy the illusion that he was still a baby.

Lucy has been up since about 4:00 AM. I finally let her get into our bed around 4:45, then after dealing with Miss Wiggle Worm I gave in and we got up to start out day. She is WIDE. AWAKE. And I. AM. NOT. I'm downin' my coffee as quick as I can but not fast enough to make me the least bit thrilled to be helping with her eagerness to discuss the alphabet. After convincing her that it was still night time (sort of), showing her that IT IS STILL DARK OUTSIDE, she is on the couch watching Barney. *deep sigh*

Today is the last day of spring break & I'm super, super sad. Sure we have the weekend still ahead of us but that doesn't count. Next week it's back to the grind. But quite frankly, I need the rest.


Nancy said...

Try to teach Lucy what a 7 or an 8 looks like. Put a digital clock in her room, and tell her she can't get up until those numbers are on the clock. Getting up that early is indecent!!!

Jean said...

I'm with NAncy! Yikes!! Thank goodness she is so darn cute!

Say what size T did you order? It looks great!! I have held off cause I wasn't sure on the size. But I am gettin antsy to put in my order!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Lori, Love the shirts too!! I have already ordered three and can't wait for more!!! I bought all Larges as I like mine a little on the bigger side so I can layer and they do seem to run a little small.

I agree with the digital clock. I have used that for several of mine!

Jaime said...

i think you might be my long lost (and unknown) sister

jan said...

you are adorable. in and out. you radiate. xoxoxo, jan :)

Stefanie said...

Look at YOU, girl!! That tee looks awesome on you :)
May we use your picture on our wild Olive blog??
Thanks for the shout out, so glad you are 'gettin' your verse on'!!

JR said...

Lori, you look awesome in that T! I checked out the t-shirt site last week when you posted about it. Love the shirts - hope to order soon!

BTW, ditto on the digital clock!

Love & prayers for you & yours from Durango CO!

Holly said...

I think it's a great picture of you! Really cute shirt, too. (Yes, they all are.) How did you find out about the site?

trina said...

Hi Lori!! I think you look great modeling your new tee!! Alexis and i have been catching up on your blog. Very fun!...and funny,too!!

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