Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gravy and Pudding

Today has been another fun-filled adventure. I cleaned my desk (oh it looks so spiffy now!!! I'm so excited!), cleaned the boys' bathroom (if you have teenage boys you know how gross that territory is) and I restuffed the pillows on my couch. Not the most thrilling things to report to you but I gotta tell ya, I'm tickled about it all. Seriously.

I have more of these little projects that I want to get done around the house (such as paint my bathroom cabinets chocolate brown....hubby says no but he may just come home one day to find that he is pleasantly surpised how good it looks!). I have a hard time making time for all this, but lately I've just been trying to hit it head on to eventually have this house perfect. HA!

Ok, all of a sudden Brenden is breathing down my neck to use MY computer. Since I'm a good mom, I will share.

But I will leave you with this little gem of a hint that I saw on an online headline: Wearing a spicy floral scent makes men perseve you as 12 pounds thinner.

I told K-man about this to which he replied, "So then the scent of gravy and pudding will make me think you are 12 pounds heavier?"


Jaime said...

i haven't even read your post yet. but ohmylanta! woman! waht took you so long to post?!?!? people were seriously dragging their feet posting today. i've checked my dashboard like 50 times today looking for more stuff to read!
*thanks for blogging. i'll go read it now

Jaime said...

now i see your day was busy and productive.
and i am now on the hunt for 2 different spicy floral or whatever scents... because then i should be perceived as 24 lbs lighter... right?

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