Friday, February 27, 2009

Always Thankful and Learning to Knit

I first heard of Thankful Thursdays from Denise, long before I had a blog of my own...and was a only a lurker. Then, once I did have my own blog, Linn spurred me on to take a day to list things to be thankful for, which I did for a while but quite frankly, I just never remember. But I'm certainly thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I may not publicly put it out there but my Great God certainly knows that I pray prayers of thanksgiving all the time so I guess that's what matters, right? But, I will try to do better and make my lists here also.

All that to say that I am thankful for a wonderful Thursday evening with a few super fun friends!! My dear friend Kimberly started a knitting class at our church. And I, being VERY talented (not), figured I could learn this skill easy enough (actually, I wasn't at all confident). I have no doubt that Kimberly woke up this morning with a knitting-teacher-hangover, mainly due to ME!! After a lot of laughs and near-tears attempts (and A LOT OF one-on-one time w/ Kim), I kind of got the hang of it. Though after my first row, my thingys were so tight that I couldn't get my second row Kimberly came to my rescue and told me that this clearly indicated that I am too high-strung. True, very true. So, I'm trying to loosen up, both in knitting and life.

This morning I decided to pull out my knitting project (a felt purse) and for the life of me couldn't remember how to do it. Kim, I told you that would happen. I will make another attempt later. But I will likely need private tutoring on this. My good friend Martha also knits so hopefully, if I surround myself with knit-heads (ok, that's a whole other meaning than intended), I will get this purse done if it kills me.

I'm also so thankful that yesterday I got a call from our Senator's office saying they were making phone calls on our behalf regarding our I800A application at immigration!! Yippee!! Movin' right along!!

Oh, I almost forgot! Please go to my sweet friend (and future daughter-in-law) Sarah's blog! She is such a fun writer and always has great insight...and a quirky sense of humor, which I LOVE!!

**I don't know for certain that Sarah is my future DIL...just hoping. Though after this, she will likely block me from her blog & never speak to me again! :)


Brittne said...

Thats so cool that Kim started a knitting thing! Though I've never knitted a felt bag, i've had my fair share of other knitted items! Good luck with it! It does require a lot of patience and time but it's extremely relaxing :D

Tiffany said...

I'm with you, Lori! I am just too high-strung to knit. I've had countless people try to teach me, and after a while I just said "Forget it". But, I am hoping that your experience will fare much better than mine!

Jaime said...

i had that same problem when i started knitting! too tight! it was so frustrating. and i admire that you're making a purse. i only do scarfs... and i still don't know how to cast off.

Hezra said...

ha ha. I tried this too. With A "learn to knit kit". After three hrs, I had only a "learn to knot" degree. I was really ready to poke myself with the needles-- woulda been less painful. The unny thing is I crochet really well! So, I gave up kniting and just learned new stitches in MY craft.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I know we did a knitting unit in Home Ec. I remember attempting to make a sweater (why start with something small - like a SCARF). My Mom could knit and she had to help me with the other half because I was so slow. My side was SO BAD that when it was time to put them together there was no way to make it happen. I think my Mom probably had to work some magic on it. :) Don't tell Mrs. G.

For the record I can now knit a scarf. Don't ask me to read a pattern though. I have learned some crochet work and have even made a blanket. One. A lap blanket - but I MADE it!

(My mom reads your blog so she can confirm that sweater story). :)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Hahaha! Lori. You are so funny. I wouldn't block you! I like you too much! Well, thanks for mentioning me! Hopefully I'll captivate them with my words and humor. ;)

The Bachville Times said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies - don't despair, knitting is a wonderful stress "reliever" not a "causer" - so keep those needles movin' :o)

Check out this site for proof that it is the perfect craft for us.

Knitting is even in the Bible - "For You Created My Inmost Being; You Knit Me Together in My Mother's Womb" - Psalms 139:13.

If you want to hone your craft in the privacy of your own home, Google "knitting" for online videos. Only you will know how many times you hit "replay" before you perfect your stitch.

Just know that there are only two basic stitches in the huge world of knitting - knit and purl. Once you get that down, you are off and running!

My sanity is dependent on knitting!

Blessings to all you "knitters in training" :o)

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