Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Model Doing the Dishes

Lucy is the most awesome helper. She will leap from whatever she is playing with to, "I help you Mama!" when I'm either doing laundry, cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Now if I showed you a picture of her room (which I JUST cleaned), you would quickly see that she's perfectly content for her space to be....well, lived in. Oh well, a girl's gotta have her space to spread out, right?

So the other day she took it upon herself to unload the dishwasher...keep in mind that she is 3...and unable to reach most things in the kitchen. But this smart little cookie doesn't let that hold her back and will improvise (or put whoever is around to work!).

Notice the line of clean (and a few dirty) dishes on the counter...not sure what her plan of action is at this point.

Already done with the top rack and onto the bottom, this girl works at lightning speed.
Like any super model, she pauses to pose for the camera.

More improvision....(keep in mind Lucy that we EAT off of those dishes!)

Here (i kid you not) she is insisting that I stop taking pictures because the flash is hurting her eyes (just like an angry supermodel).

I ignore her request. She eventually instructs me to put this stack away.

And lastly the silverware...again, remember that we use those to eat with Lucy!
Whew. I'm glad my chores are finally done!


Carol said...

Send her over. I can use her on Tuesday/Thursdays. The pay? A big hug and cookie! (until she turns 13 and knows the difference!)

Nancy said...

I hope your floors are clean enough to eat off of!!! lol

Jaime said...

can i borrow her so she can teach my husband? i would love it. thanks.

Chris said...

Must be a 3 y.o. thing! that is exactly how Faith cleans out the dishwasher, and my floor is NOT clean enough to eat off.
One of these days we will have big helpers if we don't discourage them now.
Hope, 6 made brownies from mix on Fri nite. I needed to bite my tongue a few times. The brownies were good.

Lynsay said...

Oh cool! I guess I just need a dishwasher and the girls will unload it! Great, off to shop now! That is SO cute and I second that about sending her over, except not to teach Bill (he already does the majority of the dishes! He is simply awesome!) If we could get the girls trained though that would really eliminate almost all my guilt about letting Bill do the dishes! :)

Jean said...

I love the little helpers!! She is so thorough! What a great job she did!! You have a good thing going- you may want to put the dishes down low!!

JR said...

Oh my goodness - it seems that there is NEVER a dull moment at your house with Miss Lucy Joy! She is absolutely adorable, not to mention very entertaining!! Bless her sweet, little heart!

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