Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Years of Dating My BFF

This morning as I was writing the date on a check I realized that today marks 25 years since my very first date with my sweet husband!! I was the ripe old age of 15 and we had just returned from our ski trip in Colorado where I met my future husband. He wasted no time and asked me first date ever. I was so nervous!!! I wore a red sweater w/ striped turtle neck, probably Jordache or Chic jeans & penny loafers. Kel had on Lee jeans, a striped button down shirt and had enough Polo cologne on that I smelled him pull up in the drive way (not really!), but oh, he smelled so good!!! AAAHHH. What a sweet, sweet time that was! We went to a movie then to Tippin's for pie. AAAHHH.

Twenty five years later, I'm ready to stab myself in the hand with a fork. No, my marriage is's this endless basketball season. The amount of time and money it takes to be on the go constantly is making me crazy!!! This weekend is Nick's tournament 3 hours away. We will stay all night (ugh, I hate to spend the money). Then next week/weekend is B's state tournament, which is local. THEN IT IS OVER!!!! And I WANT A DATE WITH MY BFF and HUSBAND (they are one and the same in case you were wondering)...ALL ALONE!!

Nothing from immigration yesterday. Oh well, today is a new day & I'll hit the mail box pretty hard later in hopes of SOMETHING!! Plus I'm waiting on our birth certificates and criminal checks.

Are these dance moves I see?? Of course they are.

Lucy insisted I take a picture of her face squished up like I insist on putting it on my blog!

Lucy, always wanting to be in control, nearly took over the clock duties K was doing (he was tempted to let her!)


Holly said...

Happy anniversary! My BFF and I started dating when I was 15 too, and this August 19 marks our 19th dating anniversary (well, bf/gf anniversary.) I hope you get that date soon!

Carol said...

It will be interesting to be around when Lucy turns 15 and wants to date. Hmmmmmm, having the shoe on the other foot will be very interesting for K!



Nancy said... skipped blogging yesterday and it threw off my entire schedule since I start my day by reading your blog. Please, please, don't do that again. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

25 YEARS? Seriously? Oy! Are we THAT old?

I so totally remember hearing about K in the PE locker room of all places. Yikes! And I can absolutely SEE you decked out in those clothes. OF COURSE, you went to Tippins. I think that's the only place I've EVER eaten with you! hee,hee


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Aw! That's so sweet. Twenty-five years...oh goodness. My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage this past November. I know you aren't talking about being married, but that's still pretty good! Ok, great. So congradulations!

P.S. Lucy's so cute.

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary. Feb 17th marked 25 years of my first date with my husband : )
Your daughter is adorable!!!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay Lucy is too stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

p.s. In honor of the occasion, I think you should post a picture of you & K from way back then. :)

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary!! 25 awesome years with your man, congratulations!! And I can see you had a hot date at the basketball court!! I think we did the same thing on our anniversary!

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