Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair Pulled Out!!

I am so stinkin' mad! I had this long post written out that I cut and pasted from W*rd and it WILL. NOT. LET. ME. post it!!! I have seriously tried ALL.DAY.LONG!!! It's about to drive me to drinkin'! So, I give up. It's still sitting there but only I can read it.

But, I have great news....our immigration case # came today!!!! AND, I went to our Secretary of State's office today to get (almost all) our documents certified!!

So after a long day of frustration and celebration that's all I've got for you now except this darling picture of Lucy. She got some new shades to replace the ones she lost in Colorado!!


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

lol, aw. I'm sorry you're so upset. If it's any consolation, I still liked this post. Lucy's adorable and so are you. ;)

Karen said...

Yea for the immigration number!!! Hopefully they will move your cast through quickly. What a wonderful feeling it is to get those papers certified. You're getting closer!!

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