Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Big Fat No!!

Whew. It's been a very long week, especially considering that much of it I spent sitting on a very hard bleacher watching basketball (the hard sitting was the long part, not the bball watching...I LOVE that part!). The boys had some great wins and now we begin another week of it...though all our games are rather close home, super!

I gotta tell you that after being on the go all week, eating out way too much, our family going separate ways much of the time, it was tempting to just stay home from church this morning...sleep in, have a nice relaxed breakfast & just enjoy not having to be anywhere. But every time that "idea" comes to mind, I ask myself if church should really be the thing we should give up in order to slow down our schedule...and the answer is a BIG FAT NOOOO!!! It is always hectic around here on Sunday mornings and today was no exception...and on top of everything else, I had promised Nick a hair cut BEFORE church (what was I thinkin'?). Not wanting to break my promise, and not wanting to forgo church, I squeezed in trimming his golden locks (he wouldn't appreciate that description but he doesn't read this so it doesn't matter I guess!). Plus Miss Lucy had a bed-head-bird's-nest thing going on. So I had my work cut out with getting it into a fashionable style (and she almost always refuses anything in her hair, including the ever-popular, quick-fix ponytail). I kid you not, I think God made time stand still for just a bit so we would get all that done & not be late for fact, we were early!!

That brings me to last week's memory verse. One of the parts of it that stands out to me is, "train yourself to be godly." We have a responsibility in being godly....God doesn't just zap us with His holiness to make us the way we need to be (rats!). It takes discipline, time,'s not going to happen if we don't MAKE it happen. Going to church (a really good Bible-teaching church) regularly plays a part in forming our godliness, as does scripture MEMORY!!! And if you managed to memorize last week's verses (or even just part of it), you trained yourself in godliness! Isn't that awesome?! So, let's press on...even when we don't feel like, persevere!!

I'd love to know who of you memorized the verses, or even one of them. And what they meant to YOU! Remember, we aren't just learning to recite them but to have their meaning hidden in our hearts. You guys ROCK!!

Now for a few more basketball pics...sorry, I know they must be boring to you but hey, it's my blog! :) And the grandparents love seeing them!

Nick, my amazing #22 who is a basketball playin' machine!!!

Brenden, my amazing #30 at the jump! Don't they look funny?

Lucy looking adorable sitting with the fans!

My mother, who thinks of EVERYTHING, brought Lucy Play-Doh and a cookie sheet to play with during the games!

And our busy week of basketball is finally over......
Hey, I'm running to WalM*rt in just a little will certainly be waiting for me there!

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Nancy said...

I loved the verse but couldn't get it memorized. :( I am waiting for tomorrows!!

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