Friday, January 2, 2009

Traditional Communication

K and I have caved to the pressures of "cyber social networking"....yes, we joined F@acebook. (well, I shouldn't say we...just Kel did) Not because we were looking to be hip like our teenagers...we are so hip already (would somebody please tell them that?) We joined because this guy (a friend of Lynsay's) who has done a ton of volunteer work at Shu Li's orphanage has 1300 pictures on his F@acebook site (my terminology is probably way off, I'm still learning to be cool with this, bear with me).

Setting up our "account" was an adventure in itself...we started working on it around 9:00 AM, way before the big boys would be coherent for the day...and we desperately needed their help. Anyway, we muddled through it, sorta. At one point K and I were "discussing" what to do next and K looks at me and says, "Lori, I just don't know what I'm doing...I'm a F@acebook virgin you know!" AND I'M NOT?? I'm as pure as the driven snow in all this too, buddy!

He got to the part where it asks for "Relationship Status"...easy. Married. No, K teetered on whether to check the box, "It's Complicated" What?! Ok, yes I'm complicated...he admits that he will never quite figure me out (who doesn't love a mystery woman?) but our relationship? No, there's no's pretty cut and dry. Married, Mister...put MARRIED!!! And add HAPPILY by it!!!

Later in the day after B was finally up and helped iron things out, I glanced over at K sitting with the laptop all nestled on his lap and I see that familiar "box" pop up that he is online with someone (I'm always looking over the boys' shoulders to see who they are conversing with). I got all excited!

"Oh honey, who are you talking online with??"

K says, "Brenden"

Me, "Ummm, Brenden is sitting right next to you."

K, "Yes, I know but he's my only Friend on FB right now so we're just chattin' online..."

Has all traditional communication now been replaced in this house??

Anyway, so far I have opted not to get my own account (is that even the right word?). I have enough online addictions right now. And I prefer hangin' out at blogs anyway, they are much prettier...cozier and just so fun. B would fact, we were arguing about which was better, blogs or FB....seriously dude, a blog is like visiting someone's little home in the woods...FB is like a cold cubicle.

Ok, so the point of all this is....we THINK we found some pics of Shu Li. I am SO EXCITED!!!! The funny thing is....another gal I've been in touch with who is adopting another older girl from Luoyang emailed me and said she thought these certain pics were Shu Li...and they are the exact pics we thought looked like her! Out of 1300 we both found the same pics that we thought were's just gotta be her. But I sent a message (hopefully I did it right!) to the guy on FB to see if he will tell us if it's her or not. Haven't heard yet.

You know what?? I'm heading over to FB right now to set up on account! See ya there?


The Bachville Times said...


When you are all set up on FB - send me a "friend request".

Brittne said...

How funny! My mom finally got a FB account about a month ago, and she loves it! I do agree that blogs are better though!

Nancy said...

This is so funny. I have a FB acct.too At Christmas my nephews and children announced they had around 400 friends. I have six and four of them are relatives. I am such a loser. I don't know how to do anything. The kids say oh you can right on a wall, talk to each other... Whatever!!! I don't even know how to request a friend. Good luck with yours.

Mom Of Many said...

Please tell K-man that he is so groovey to have a Facebook....I have one, and people find me all the time...I have NO clue really how to do it and have never searched anyone out...don't even know how to do it. Maybe K's interest in FB is just workin' up his guts to get serious about his blog, ya' think? MIss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree blogs are better, but I did fall into the FB trap as well. Look for me.

Jaime said...

like them both for different reasons. (facebook actually makes me feel a bit younger for some odd reason)
i'm there. jaime bak gibson

*just a side note.. the captcha that i have to enter to post this comment is "streat"... it made me think of combining some words to make streat a real word like "super treat" or "sweet trreat"... random i know. bye!

codyssister1 said...

Hey, I just set up my FB yesterday. I sent Kel a friend invite. The more pics of Lucy the better.

codyssister1 said...

i just set up my FB also. I sent Kel a friend invite so I can see more pics of Lucy :)
We got 5 more days last week.
31 days March 2006
20 days April 2006
=51 LID's to Maren's beautiful face

LID 4/21/06

Lynsay said...

You are hilarious! I just added K, if you get one better add me! And Blogs rule!

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