Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Chinese Babies Aren't Made

FB Update: My only motive in getting a FB account was to simply get a glimpse of my new girl on the other side of this marble we live on via someone else's pics. Now I'm in deep and can't get out...though I haven't even completed the process of getting the da-gone thing set up. My FB launch announcement here yesterday resulted in the second-highest commented-on post (my peeing post being number one which will always hold a special place in my heart). To Jaime, Lynsay, Nancy, Teanne, Brittne, Linn, Lori Anne (I'm sure I'm leaving someone out) I promise to be your friends (why do I sound like a 2nd grader at recess?) as soon as I can get the silly thing up and going. Then we can write on each other's walls and poke each other (ok, now we've regressed to kindergarten), it will be tons of fun. :/

Yes, the time of this post is correct...I'm up at 2:15 AM. For some reason K-man snoring RIGHT. SMACK. NEXT. to my noggin, Lucy suddenly crying and my own stomach growling, feeling like my belly button is rubbing up against my back bone (truth is, I'm growing a bit of a muffin-top, which is another post for another day) has left me wide awake.

Speaking of Lucy.......Miss Tooty Fruity's sleep schedule is wearing thin on my nerves. I have been so patient....but her teenager-timeclock isn't winning her any kudos with the K-man or me. Yes, she is still sleeping in her little bed right next to ours. I'm about to give all those attachment "experts" a call because Lucy's attached alright...attached to being our roommate for the rest of her life!! One late night as she was conversing with us (saying things such as, "Mama...are you tired? Baba, are you tired?), K said to her, "Lucy, how do you ever expect to get a Chinese brother or sister if you don't go to sleep?" **sigh** Poor guy, the sleep deprivation has caused him to forget how two white people make a Chinese baby.

Here is a RARE night when she went to sleep somewhat early (tuckered out from her birthday party). Sound asleep, holding tight to a balloon from her party. Cute!


Amy said...

Giggle Giggle. I'm so sorry you guys are sleep deprived, Lori, but boy oh boy is Lucy a cute bed pal! I loved Kelly's comment!

Good luck with Facebook. You are light years ahead of me in technical savvy. I am still trying to figure out Blogger!

Lynsay said...

Ok, I have to say, I would have thought that this post would have at least made it into your top 3 of MOST COMMENTED on posts! That was hilarious! I almost had a "PEEING POST" on my blog after laughing so hard when I read this! LOVE IT! (Bill was dying right along with me!) Can't wait to see you soooooooonnnnnnn!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet when her big sister comes along Lucy will ditch you old people and you'll finally be able to sleep like your pre-toddler days!

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