Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I must say that New Year's Eve celebrations have never really been a big deal to me. Once in a while we will decide to have friends over or go to someone's house but really, I just don't like staying up so late.

So last night was no different. We loaded up on snacks and stayed home....with an unknown number of teenagers who were enjoying the celebration of the night. There were even a couple of girls in the mix which required us to make sure we stayed awake until they left. But actually, around 11 PM K-man insisted that I go to bed (apparently me taking over his recliner and (likely) snoring as I was resting my eyes was not his fun idea of bringin' in the new year with his little lady). I went right to bed only to be jolted awake by the fireworks that the pyro teenage boys had been anxiously waiting for. I thought that war had been, just leftover 4th of July party favors exploding under my window.

Then around 1:30 AM Bren came into our room...whispered, "Dad!" Kel understandably startled, jumped up...and Brenden obviously fearing that K was about to pull some self-defense moves on him quickly said, "Dad, it's ME!...I just wanted to tell you that we all want to go to Ethan & Nate's house" (phrased in such a way that it wasn't a question but an FYI...uhh, I don't think so dude) WHAT??? WHY??? Then the protective Mama Bear just to the left of K-man blurted out, "You guys are not driving anywhere at 1:30 AM on New Year's Eve...morning..whatever." Apparently they had used up all their fun at our house & wanted to head to another more thrilling destination. Even on my back, I'm thinking on my feet...good call, I'd say.

I didn't take a single picture of Lucy's first New Year's's a good thing I have this blog because it is obvious that this will be her "Life Book".

Happy New Year everyone! This year let's resolve to memorize more scripture (more on that later. My Bible study gals are rolling their eyes..."oh no, here comes the nagging again!"), boldly live for our Savior, and constantly be seeking God's will for our lives.

**OH, GREAT NEWS!!!! The 13 year old girl that I told you about a couple posts back has a family that is going to adopt her!!!! I'm tearing up as I write this...I am so excited for her!!!! I don't have any other details but if I find anything else out I will pass it on to would be super fun to follow their blog as they go to get her, which will be VERY SOON!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah teenagers. Apparently they lose all brain function after midnight. (My Dad always said nothing good happens after 10pm - guess that's why I rarely stayed out until curfew).

GREAT news about the 13yo!! Thanks be to God! Hope we get to follow their story.

Happiest of new years to you my friend.

Carla said...

Yeah!! I am so happy and even relieved to hear about the girl finding her family... What an awesome update to start the new year! I also love your New Year's resolution - encouraging each other in our journey sounds great. By the way - the new colored print is good, not that I'd be struggling w/ my vision or anything... Too young for those types of struggles!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

OMG OMG OMG! I'm so happy for the girl. It made me so sad that she didn't have a home. YAY!
haha. Brenden. Your boys are so funny, "Just to let you know, Dad..."

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