Friday, January 9, 2009

Thankful "Friday"

I'm a day off but since we should be thankful every minute of every day, I won't worry too much that "Thankful Friday" doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as Thursday!

Golly, I have a flood of things running through my caffiene fueled mind this morning that I am so grateful for! Let's start with....

* One minute before my annoying alarm clock was about to buzz in my hear...I was woken up by the sweetest little voice saying, "Mama, Mama!" Aahh. Now that's a better way to wake up!

* I am just downright giddy over the most wonderful gift I received in the mail from Linn!! She sent me a beautiful bracelet from Uganda because I was one of the most frequent "commenters" (is that a word?) when she was in Africa!! SEE FOLKS, it PAYS to leave a comment! You never know what might happen! But most importantly, this token serves as a reminder of so many things...two of the sweetest babies in the world were given a forever family, God's miracle after miracle, mountains moved, prayers answered...I could go on and on!! Every time I wear it I will remember all those things...and share them all with whoever will listen!!

* Caring foster families....I'm so very thankful that Lucy was in such a loving environment before coming to us.

* Mini vans...I can't imagine going to all these basketball games in a covered wagon! Ha! Actually, that would make for some pretty good blogging....No, I'd rather drive in comfort. And THANK YOU JESUS that gas prices are so low!!!

* God's healing hand....My sweet husband hurt his back really badly last week...he was bed-ridden for about 5 days....completely unable to sit!! But we prayed & prayed (great teaching moment for Miss Lucy who learned to pray for healing...she was so cute laying her hands on Baba!!) He is WAY better!!!!

* Blog/online husband teases me relentlessly because I am always saying things like, "guess what my friend Patty told me..." or "I got an email from my friend Londa today..." and "My friend Sally/Jaime/Nancy/Jan (the list is really much longer!) said this and that" To which he will reply..."Your friend?? Who is this person?" Me, "My good friend(s) I met online!" He just doesn't get it. I love you all!!!

* Ok, I can't stand it anymore...I gotta tell you that I am SO THANKFUL AND EXCITED about this fundraiser I'm about to launch (hopefully later today!! I'm working hard on it!). Seriously friends, thanks to a very generous blog friend who has donated something incredibly awesome to raffle off to raise $$ for The Morning Star Project!!! PLEASE stop back by later & hopefully I will have it up and running...if not later today, over the weekend. You DO NOT want to miss out on this, TRUST ME!!!!

Alright, I need to stop there because I really need to get myself some eggs, toast & tea.


Jaime said...

i'm glad i'm not the only person who's husband mocks me because of my "online friends"... i guess the boys never had pen-pals growing up...
i'm getting very excited about your fundraiser.such a giving and caring heart you have.
and now... as soon as i finish my huge cup of coffe, i'm going to have to make a yummy cup of tea!

Nancy said...

LOL...I do the same thing...I tell my husband that my friend is in China getting her baby. And my husband will say that he didn't know I have a friend going to China. Can't wait for your fundraiser. (Not doing so well on this memorizing thing. Glad the next one is shorter.)

Mom Of Many said...

Wow, someone who really loves you must have brought you back that gorgeous bracelet!! You're one lucky gal! LOL

And BTW, had no clue about K-man..why didnt you let us know? That's what friends are for silly!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to know that it is not just my family who thinks I am crazy about my online friends. MY teenage son alway says, "Mom who are you stalking tonight?" They just don't get it. I am always telling them about your Wal-mart stories or something great you had to say.
Glad to hear K-man is better. I had to go back and make sure i didn't miss a story because I didn't know he got hurt! HA HA

God Bless,
Lisa from Ohio

Lynsay said...

Can you IMAGINE cruising through the Starbu*ks drive through in a COVERED wagon?? Or little house on the prairie with WIFI? You are hilarious. I'm thankful for friends like you (K man contacted B through FB so he must be getting used to online friends!)

And....since I leave comments at least every now and then....can my prize be that you come and see me??? :)

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