Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Post

Ok, yesterday I had about 5 things come to mind that I told myself, "That's bloggable Lori...don't forget to write about that." And here I sit trying to remember even one of those things. Well I'm about 1/4 of the way through my coffee (God's liquid mercy to me each morning) so hopefully by at 1/2, I'll come alive and think of at least 3 things that were so interesting to me yesterday. **thinking, sipping, thinking**

Alright, I just threw some biscuits in the oven & got some sausage sizzling on the stove for my fam. I know some people who never eat breakfast....can you imagine?? Please eat breakfast's the most important meal of the day. My mom ALWAYS made us a hearty meal to start the day & I think it's an awesome way to get your engine running.

No, my breakfast plug was not one of the 5 things, but I'll give you that one for free. Ok, I mentioned yesterday that we got info on Lucy....I am so excited. We sent this "guy" a list of questions that we had for the foster mom & we found out some things that were inconsistent with her file. We were told that she was abandoned at 3 months old but he FM insists that she got Lucy when she was a day old. When I read that, I emailed the "guy" and he said he would trust the FM over the info in the file...he said that she was obviously very attached to Chuan Cong (Lucy!). He gave her current pictures of Lucy and us that I had emailed him & she was teary-eyed as she looked at them (he even sent us pics of her holding up our pics!). Anyway, I won't bore you with all the little things that mean so much to ME but as soon as I get the pics they sent saved on my computer I will post a few. I will say one last thing...we also learned that according to her FM, Lucy NEVER spent one day in the orphanage. It's not unusual for the FM to be required to return the child to the orphanage at least few days before adoption (which creates much more confusion than necessary) but she and her husband brought Lucy there the day they brought her to us. This is NOT typical for this orphanage and I truly believe that God's favor was on her. ONE MORE THING...the foster parents have 3 bio children (grown)!!! How ironic is that that Lucy had more siblings in China than she has in the US (at least for now!). I'm so very thankful for her foster family...she was in a very loving home and it made all the difference. We have their names & address & I plan to send them pictures of Lucy as she grows older.

In other news.....I have an exciting announcement coming in a few days!!! I will give you a's another fundraiser for The Morning Star Project! Now stay with me's a way we can ALL get involved AND there is something tangible at the end for at least ONE of you...and it is a ROCKIN' cool thing, trust me!!! Stay tuned....

Well, my brain never did conjure up my profound thoughts from yesterday, which is no surprise for me. I will try to post later today if I come up with something. Also, my camera has been pretty cold lately but here are a few pics from Brenden's game the other night (oh btw, I put 400 miles on my van in TWO days going to far away basketball games!!! And I will whine a little and tell you that I sat through a total of 7 games in two days....only 3 that my boys played in!). The next three nights we have home games...YIPPEEE!!!

Easy on the enthusiasm're gonna get yourselves thrown out of the game for that kind of rowdy fan action.

This is B with his friend J doing a chest-bump (aka, teenage boys' sign of affection). What you don't see here is that B knocked him to the ground!

Lucy thoroughly enjoy licking all the nacho cheese off her chips...actually, they were her friend Holly's chips but Lucy made herself at home & took over.

For whatever reason, I felt the need to photograph our chickens...who I am really mad at because they aren't laying eggs right now!!! Sunday supper is around the corner for them if they don't start putting out! (Faith, show Randy!)
**How is the memorizing going?? Think about this, if you were given a million dollars for each verse you memorized, don't you think you would suddenly have the gift of memorization!! Oh yes you would!!! Truly, it's worth way more than any dollar amount. DO IT!!


Jaime said...

i thoroughly enjoyed your randomness. and i am jealous that you have chickens. my sister (in-law) has chickens and she always brings me some eggs when she comes to visit... they are so much more yummy than old store bought eggs.
one day, i too, will have fresh eggs layed in my yard and the kid(s) will go on daily egg hunts!

Holly said...

Love the pic of Lucy and big bro at the game! So funny!

Encore Homeschool Fine Arts said...
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Carla said...

Just a note to let you know I'm on board w/ the memorization! Arrggghh!! Now for Mom to memorize w/ the kids! As I was getting 'dressed' for Awana's pajama night last night, I thought about how much fun it can be to encourage other in the Word. (Yes, as a Cubbies teacher, I wore jammies too!)

Loved the picture of your rowdy fans - Haven't we all felt that way during basketball tourneys? Thank goodness for nacho cheese, popcorn and diet coke!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. I can't face too much food for breakfast and hate coffee. Maybe some toast and tea! We are on day ten of being at 20plus something BELOW zero. Can't wait to see pictures of your new girl!

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