Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ancient Blogging

I wrote the below post before I opened my email this morning. When I got to my mail I found a plethora of information and pictures of Lucy with her foster mother in Ch*na. As I mentioned in an earlier post we hired a guy to gather this information for us. I am so weepy looking at it all and I will share more with you later.

I’m so excited that so many of you are on board with memorizing scripture with me!! Several of you said that this first selection is rather long…..I promise most of them aren’t that long!! I received these 52 “Sword of the Spirit” verses from my pastor & since they were pre-arranged I just started at the top, not really paying attention to the length. Next week’s is much shorter!! So, just use it as a way to stretch your memory capacity then the shorter ones will be easy peasy! But once we have these hidden in our hearts, we will have a large arsenal from which to draw on when we are going through a difficult time.

I was thinking the other day about the Israelite women and what it must have been like for them as they left Egypt, escaping their lives of slavery. As they joined together in one huge group to travel to the Promise Land, I can only imagine that some super sweet friendships developed. I know we read a lot about the spoil sports who griped and complained…not willing to have some faith that the struggles they were currently in were only temporary (and would have been REALLY temporary had they NOT been so stubborn) during this time, but I’m certain that there were those faithful ones who prayed & trusted. They probably took advantage of the fact that they were now in fellowship with one another & I’m sure they had their own form of “blogging”! Ha!! Anyway, my point is that our adoption journey led us not only to the most amazing little girl but it has brought about so many friendships that I could just weep thinking about it!! Seriously girls (ok and maybe a few guys), you ROCK!! Let’s do what the stiff-necked Israelites didn’t do…let’s take each step with stride, seek God, TRUST His timing, and memorize His word so we can use it to help in times of need ….and in times of thanksgiving! Let’s solicit the help of one another for godly counsel and for PRAYER. We are family, after all!!

Love you guys!!

**A follow-up to Monday’s post: K-man was standing in front of the refrigerator, rummaging through, looking for something to make for lunch. He looked perplexed as there appeared to be nothing to make a sandwich with. I said, “Oh honey, I’m sorry we don’t have any ham because there was no one at the deli counter at WM to help me.” He said, “Oh yes, I remember reading that on your blog.” Ha!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Nice post. You're so right, we do tend to get caught up in the stories of the complainers, but it must be true that the faithful became deep friends because of what they had in common and what they sought in the face of hardships.

re: ham - that is too funny!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, Lori...the photos and information of Lucy in China...what a precious (and I imagine bittersweet) treasure for you and Lucy. Praying for you as you take it all in, and so grateful that this is now part of your history together...yours and Lucy's. With Love, Amy

Holly said...

Yes, great thoughts on your post today!! Interesting to think about those Israelite women. I never thought about them like that before. :) And I love it that your hubby is learning needed info on your blog! I should get one of these!

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